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  1. 7173Vert

    Seeking recommendations for rewebbing my seat belts

    I have the same seat belts in my 71. I had Ssnake Oyl re-do the seatbelts in 2016 at a total cost of $750US ($950cdn...). This included new webbing, new factory type spec. labels and re-chrome the hardware. It was worth it for my level or required restoration. Mine were in just as bad shape. if...
  2. 7173Vert

    1973 Mach 1 Marti

    Pretty sure its the horizontal rub strip on the rear chrome bumper, it formed part of the deluxe bumper group (which included the rear bumper guards again, but with vertical rub strips). Would have to see the build sheet to see how this car actually came from the factory in this regard.
  3. 7173Vert

    Parts Wanted Passenger side fastback interior rear quarter panel

    Nearly unobtanium today... 71 being a one year only run on these. I needed them a few years back as mine were rough with speaker holes cut out. I tried for two years to find, no luck. I restored my originals and they turned out nice, but with speaker hole cut outs. I kept my eye open and one day...
  4. 7173Vert

    Glad I am not doing a concours resto

    Lol. Then I shouldn’t tell you that my garage queen has never been licensed for the road since I finished this concourse restoration (Picture was taken Nov 16, 2015)… No understanding required. Too each their own…
  5. 7173Vert

    Clear vs green glass- why two?

    My 73 Coupe has factory air, no tint. It was an option… What's interesting to me is that the car was originally sold and spent its entire life in Oakland California, before i bought it. I would think the original owner might have wanted to spend the extra $$$ for the tint back in the day... My...
  6. 7173Vert

    Went to start my 73 Coupe today...

    I’m happy to hear of your positive diagnosis. As you know there are various forms and levels of Brain Cancer. Sadly, my wife was diagnosed with the worst form of Brain Cancer (Glioblastoma Stage4) that also has no cure. They give an avg 12-18 month life span after diagnosis. My wife is in her...
  7. 7173Vert

    Went to start my 73 Coupe today...

    Sorry guys, my mind is not on my cars these days due to my wife's terminal brain cancer diagnosis ((. I went to start the yellow Coupe today and all I got was clicking at the starter solenoid. It has always started previously, I think the last time I started the car was in early April. I had a...
  8. 7173Vert

    Selling my low mileage survivor 1973 Mustang Convertible on Ebay to fund my MANY MANY projects!

    Hmmm. The only reason I asked is I saw something online that showed it as sold... yeah, fakebook generally wont bring the $$. A car like this will do better at a big auction house. GLWS.
  9. 7173Vert

    Extended warranty

    I bought the Ford mechanical extended warranty for my new at the time, 2019 F-150 3.5 Eco Boost. I purchased the 2 year warranty which gives me a total of five years mechanical coverage. The eco engine is great, but..., the death rattle aspect of the chain has always been in the back of my mind...
  10. 7173Vert

    Boss 351 with a factory-installed automatic?!?

    Marti has been proven to have inaccurate reports in the past. Would much prefer to see the Factory Invoice.
  11. 7173Vert

    1972 Mach 1 at Mecum.

    Green with lovely avocado green interior is living life to its fullest)))
  12. 7173Vert

    72 351CJ 4 speed one-owner convertible in Ontario, Canada

    I saw this a few day's ago. Its actually $35K US$....
  13. 7173Vert

    Parts For Sale NOS Hood

    Have to disagree with the comment concerning the arc being “common” during production. Ford did a better job back then ensuring the car left the factory with pretty good body lines and allowing the hood to be out of whack as common and acceptable back in the day is not accurate IMO. I have seen...
  14. 7173Vert

    Buffalo MCA Show

    Although I could not bring a car and participate this year, I made the last minute decision to hop across the border today for a few hours and visit this show in Amherst, NY. Nicely run show although I thought it would be bigger… I’ve attached a few not too professional pics of 71-3’s in...
  15. 7173Vert

    Sold 1973 Convertible

    Last time I ordered from him, he emailed a copy of the report to me, which was helpful until the final copy arrived.
  16. 7173Vert

    72 Sprint Coupe

    Sorry, your first sentence is open to much interpretation regarding Marti’s supposed credibility with their reports. But, we won’t go there today, just my humble opinion based on my many dealings with various reports. I would put 100% more faith in the factory invoice over the Marti Report.
  17. 7173Vert

    Boss price

    I love it factory stock...
  18. 7173Vert

    Do I need bearing races?

    Never had a problem with the supplied installed rotor races and have never installed the Timken in lieu of...