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    Heyyy!!! I´m positive mine is gonna be the only one arround :P "3" code, 250 ci L6 sportsroof 1972
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    How many faces do you see?

    from my iphone i see a tree, 2 old and suspiciously smily old people and maybe a couple of pink elefants flying around :p
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    A little about me and my vehicles

    Welcome from Montevideo, Uruguay!
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    73 mustang gas cap not fitting over honeycomb trim

    Well... My sportsroof is now fitting a 1969-70 standard gas cap PERFECTLY... I just had the 69-70 Scott Drake standard gas cap sitting in my garage and it worked perfecty... The problem is the combination of the standard gas cap and the honeycomb grille... I´m not 100% possitive but did the 73...
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    seat pan repair ?

    +1 on the pics so all the guys that are true experts arround here can give you their opinion...
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    Interior restoration

    Great Doc! :) i´ll love to follow your interior reatoration so, come on!! :P
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    This is one of those other, other year Mustangs:)

    it already have 36 bids so at least, 36 persons like it enough to pay for it :P I´m never gonna be one of thouse je!
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    Interior restoration

    Hey doc!!! Nice to see youre hands full of restoration!! jeje Well.. as everyone said i guess you should go for fully dissambled the interior... It is almost sure you have the carpet shoot too so if it is so.. you have no other choice than take all apart... When i say "all" i don´t necesarily...
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    Saludos desde España

    Bienvenido desde Uruguay! Lejos de ti pero al menos hablamos el mismo idioma de origen, eh!!?? Que bueno que te hayas puesto en contacto aqui... No se como será de fluido usar los traductores de internet, pero si puedes escribir y entender mas o menos el ingles (como yo) te asegro que este...
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    What's your daily driver?

    What a nice thread! :P Shame on us that nobody is using the 71-73 stang as daily driver!! (i actually did that for a few months last year!) Well.. this is my daily (when it works!!) It is a 1990 Alfa Romeo 75 2.0 twin spark that I literally rescued from a decade of being sit... I had every...
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    1972 Q Code C6 Conv for sale

    True on the Rad hose... I didn´t stopped at that but is certainly adds a ???? on how the car is detailed... Don.. you are the man! :P
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    Mustang 73 strange code

    Cool!! Didn´t know this cars were also made in Venezuela... Great data Kurt!
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    1972 Q Code C6 Conv for sale

    Besides its price, it seems a fantastic car... It looks great, and it is an original 351 4V Cobra Jet... It is good in deed that this cars are more and more valued this days :P
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    Skilled body workers - is this possible?

    In my opinion this classic mustangs.. and I mean from 64 to our body type are just soooo well designed that any.. or at least this radical modifications just make them look worste than its original looks... As everything CAN be done, in this case, it is just worthless :)
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    Engine Bay Diagram

    i did my engine bay searching for ENORMOUS quantity of pictures everywhere... I didn´t find an easier way but i must say that i have a 6 cylinder car with some rare options so that was my experience...
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    Considering joining the 71 to 73 Club

    And welcome from Montevideo, Uruguay!! I wrote a Bible in you other thread! je!! Looking forward to be helpful in your project!
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    *Updated*1973 Mach 1 Value Help...would like to buy...rare car

    Hi Jeff!! It is pretty much all said and the guys arround this site have the only trustable experience you are gonna find to get a certain advice... As Im from overseas, i don´t have the same way to value american cars... Every Mustang where i live costs 20K or more if they are restorable...
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    Does anyone know if a 69-70 knob

    I dont remember if astheticaly are the same... What did happen to me was with radio knobs, i believe it was fot my 70 hardtop... I bought a set of new repro knobs and they turned to be considerably smaller than the original ones... They look the same but 25% smaller in diameter... I think if...
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    Mike from Minnesota intro

    Great project man! Welcome from Montevideo, Uruguay!! You´ll find tons of help, info and other stuff if you get on board with us...
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    RPM counter

    Hey Manu... if this is as easy as it seems it is the way to go!... The only thing I dont love about all this thing is that it is impossible that the new gauge looks exactly the same as the speedohmeter and even the slightest difference in shape or even in "how white ar the characters" will...