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    Wanted: One front black seat belt retractor for a 73

    Part found.  Thanks Motorcity Mustang.  
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    Wanted: One front black seat belt retractor for a 73

    Yes, those do match up to the current drivers side one on the fastback we're working on.  The one with the cover for the hole would be nice.  I tried to send you a PM for my shipping address but it's saying your inbox is full.  You can email me at [email protected] if it's easiest.  Or would you...
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    Wanted: One front black seat belt retractor for a 73

    Helping a friend get their car together and we've discovered the passengers seat belt retractor is from a 71-72 and wont click into the 73 buckle.  So looking for one please with the cover.  Mike
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    Z Bar fitment

    It's been so long and I don't remember if it's possible to install the transmission crossmember backwards.
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    Which is better 2-V Cleveland or 4-V??

    Yes, there is a myriad of different supporting hardware items required in the comparison between 2V heads and 4v heads. All they changed was the heads and did not change the intake manifold, headers or camshaft to compliment the 4V heads. Quite a poor comparison but the episode was all to...
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    Z Bar fitment

    The metal clip goes into the split bushing(that I don't see pictured) that fits over the ball on the frame mount. The engine bashing floats and moves if the engine torques over. That wouldn't fix the misalignment issue though. I could assume motor mounts or frame mounts being your issue. Was...
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    FlowKooler pumps

    I had one of the original FlowKooler pumps on my old current engine and it was bee in place for 16 years without any issues. I figured it's done its duty and didn't feel comfortable swapping it to my new engine, so I bought a new one for it simply for the piece of mind. The new one has an...
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    351C Australian block - $250 (Bullock)

    Based on the casting date code it's likely an Aussie block. I can't get a good look at the main caps which are another tell-tale sign. In the link below are pics of the Aussie block that I used for my build.
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    Front Black Seat Belts

    Looking for a set of front black seatbelts to fit a 73 Mach 1.  My retractors are ok but the inner buckles are mismatched and the passengers side is completely broken.  Sleeves are toast too.  Please let me know what you have.
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    engine build advice

    I have a Streetdamper on my car. I installed it when my original damper failed in about 1999. Its been on three engines and still going strong. It did not need any spacers and was a direct swap for the original. I highly recommend it.
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    351C fuel pumps?

    I'm running a Carter stock fuel pump and I dyno'd it at 362hp at the rear wheels.
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    The Difference between Dynacorn Ram Air and

    Does this help at all?
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    I'm alive!

    I'm in Navarre at my house visiting from the UK. They so wanted this to be a cat5.
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    351C timing cover

    I used a Summit one on my last built because I couldn't find a good used one. Worked just fine.
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    brain dead in classic mustang resto

    Be glad it's a early mustang and having arguably the largest reproduction parts count in the world at your disposal. Restore something out of the mainstream and you will quickly realize how easy mustangs are to restore.
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    351C Problem with connectiong rods and valves

    If you search eBay Motors for "Ferrea 351C" you will find several complete sets of valves made for 2V or 4V engines and different levels of quality. Their 5000, 6000, and Competition series valves. Only you know what you have and what you are building to select the valves best suited for your...
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    chrome bumper over riders

    Are you in Bristol UK?
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    Get Mach1 into 12.5 second zone

    If you install a C6 then you should add about 40hp and 40tq to make up the difference because the auto trans will suck up about that much. I remember going from a C6 to a Toploader and was thrilled because of all of the extra power. Your buddy saying that an auto swap alone will make it...
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    Which leafsprings for strip & street?

    I recently put CalTracs on my 66 F-100 and it was night and day better.  I even kept the original springs because I still tow and haul things with it.  You can always try the CalTracs first and add the Monoleafs later. See how it goes.   Is that 2.24sec 60' with street tires or slicks? I was...
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    One used up rotor! lol

    I've seen the rear brake line to the axle folded over and crimped off with a vice-grip still dangling in space.