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    What's the Best Aluminum Radiator For My Vehicle

    ken, a little more info that works for me. the stat.... bleeding the air out can be a pain. so what i did and always do... looking that the stat u'll see the Y in the framing. drill a 1/8" hole just under the sealing area and between the Y and mount it a noon. this will allow the air to escape...
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    Mustang Mach E................if that's what they call it!

    someone woke up from a sleepless night to give it that name. i'm not a fan of electric vehicles anyways. around town maybe. but just think in 10 yrs if biden has his way of trying to drive coast to coast it'll take over a week to drive, hotel room, food, pay'n for electric to charge it. i don't...
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    My Mustang at the Movies

    wow... now that's a OSCAR i could vote for... you won
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    Looking for some paint advice

    i had the hood painted 2 yrs ago. i found somewhere, maybe here, the measurements of layout. i gave to painter and he did a fantastic job. it was base/clear with 7 coats of clear to even things out. hood=$750 bucks
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    Parts Wanted 429 Raditor

    if u don't fine one i have used and recommend "Champion" rads. used twice in different cars and fit great. 3 core alum.
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    Electrinic Ignition options

    i used pertronix also. i just replaced the points with the unit... nothing else. even used the resistor wire so as not to play games with the tech. yes pertronix says use 12v not the resistor wire. but i ran for 6 yrs and no issues and tach worked fine.
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    New Member

    welcome from delaware
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    351 Cleveland running hot at idle.

    watched the GEARS show and it had a 351C on it. and it did mention the two piece stat. if u look at your 3rd pic the upper left shows 2 pc. if the show replaced the stat maybe they didn't also use the resistor i think it's called.
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    I am New to your site. But here is my mustang

    welcome from delaware. and i love that mach1. i want one for next car.
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    wow great stories of back then... i'll add mine... buddy and i both driving our Tbuckets back from a show in maryland. side by side at a red lite i looked at him and smiled... green lite and i took off, no burn out just nailed it... well i didn't see the state trooper behind me.... OOOPs.. he...
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    Temporary suspension of services

    a speedie recovery for u. a buddy of mine had both knees done and very happy with results as i hope u will be to. marry christmas and hope the new year is WaaaaaY better with new hip.
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    Crime and punishment

    give north Korea 10 grand per person and send them there in THEIR prison sys. but i'm sure the north K would use them against us. And the death penalty i'd like changed to. if u are found guilty and NO if's, and's or but"s u DID it. u have 6 months to challenge that and if u lose u get the...
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    Tach quit; most likely suspect?

    my '73 did the same thing. didn't move. Sooooo with engine runnng i smacked the hell out of the top of dash. it was stuck and now working.
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    Storage Questions

    i also agree to drain the tank. and since the engine does run..... FOG the hell out of it. u don't need to try and take a motor apart that is seized up
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    Pertronix Ignitor II with Factory Tach

    many yrs ago i did pertronix in mine. all i replaced was the points. used orig coil, resistor wire to feed everything and tach worked fine. and ran fine for 5 yrs until i sold it.
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    Extended warranty

    i leased my 2019 ford ranger that is up next month (3yrs). with the price of new trucks i said no way... so i bought it. i did get the bumper to bumper, 60k miles and 5 yr extended warr. it has a $100 deductible for $2200. its a lariat with FX4 package so it has a ton of stuff that kill your...
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    New 2024 Mustang

    well that's different. i like it to. ya the front end looks almost like the Camero. a ton of options. after watching i can only thing that if u want that GT buy it new. for u don't know how it was driven from former owner. they could have beat it to death.
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    What was with this Mustang? 2F05H for $88,000?

    i love watching barrett and mecom. on saturdays that brings out the mega millionaires. so $88 grand is pocket change. what i really see is business owners making major profits .. parts and labor cost them $1500 bucks and u pay $10k....
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    Hello, I am a new member from Bayville, NJ.

    welcome from delaware.... your move to NJ.. enjoy the property taxes there... $$$$$$$ plan on going to the wildwood show next spring. on the boardwalk and a really nice show. you'll need to eat on the boardwalk for hardly anything IN town and gas it outside town to.
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    New here

    welcome from delaware. i'm in a no mustang phase right now, sold the stang a few months ago... yes i'm a dumb ass, i miss it... looking for another now.