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    Mach 1 hood edge trim/moulding , which is more like OEM?

    Hello, I have 2 edge moldings side by side the grey is the ACP brand and the black is a dynacorn brand. Can anyone tell me which end piece is more like Original? Also pictured is the raised edge under the trim top, the acp piece is one continuous line where then dynacorn has interruptions...
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    Reviews on Dan Carpenter hood locks?

    the dan carpenter ones and he hopes to get more in future, he is out now.
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    Reviews on Dan Carpenter hood locks?

    OMS gave me the full scoop on these so I am all set, thanks all.
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    Reviews on Dan Carpenter hood locks?

    Hello, can anyone tell me if the Dan Carpenter hood locks are inferior to the factory tooled ones that are unavailable now? Would like to drill my hood prior to paint but I don't want to put inferior hood locks in either...NPD only has one of the factory tooled locks available. Any insight...
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    Need help with the infamous tilt column rag joint please...

    On thinking about this for a moment I think you would lose your safety interlock if you don't use both factory castings, Look at the inside middle and you should see where the castings lock together if your rubber donut fails. you would need to retain the long pins for safety if you did not...
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    Need help with the infamous tilt column rag joint please...

    i dont have enough info on the 202 to comment but keep in mind rock auto has these for about half the price your ad is showing here...
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    Help with aftermarket hood extension?

    Hello all, I got my new hood extension today and even though I had read unkind things about them I had no other choice but to try one, First it has the wrong bend in front (or my aftermarket hood has) I had to apply a lot of pressure to get it straight enough to get it to bolt on. Now I see...
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    Need help with the infamous tilt column rag joint please...

    I did not view the pokey wires to be a real issue...just an illustration that it was reinforced with a lot of wire...I got out my hobby nippers and trimmed them off. I was happy with the lares joint, curious what npd sells but happy with my outcome.
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    Need help with the infamous tilt column rag joint please...

    the current lares 201 has lots of wire reinforcement, the sharp wire ends are constantly poking your fingers as you assemble it. I guess the bottom line question/answer of this thread to me is that the rubber insert for the tilt column is the same size as rubber insert in the non tilt columns.
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    Need help with the infamous tilt column rag joint please...

    To reply to the comment about no back up if the rubber fails: you have to look close but inside of my early 71 there is 2 tangs cast into the pieces that lock together if the rubber joint was to fail. Mine did not have the lock pins originally, just 4 steel rivets.
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    Need help with the infamous tilt column rag joint please...

    So first I assembled the joint with the Dorman 3100 rag (3105 is also same size) and I noted that d/t the hole being half a hole off you could only use a plain (non shouldered bolt) 5/16" bolt in holes and that was literally stretching the rubber to make it fit. It would work but not really...
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    Need help with the infamous tilt column rag joint please...

    As title states I am in the middle of rebuilding my rag joint and my first attempt at getting a dorman rubber piece did not pan out. This donut is very close but not close enough. The bolt circle is just a bit too small. I haven't searched the local parts stores yet but I wanted to know if...
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    Need help identifying door hinge please.

    We were having trouble adjusting our drivers door and I believe someone installed the wrong door hinge on the drivers side. This hinge stands out about 1/4" taller than the original on the passenger side, It has the letters J1 2fl on one piece and J5 2fl on the back plate. dated 9 30 3F. I...
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    Parts Wanted Wanted 71 fastback rear panel sheetmetal framework

    I need this sheetmetal framework pictured for the drivers side 1971 fastback/mach 1, intact edges preferred. I am located in Michigan. Hoping to spend around $50. plus shipping. thank you. Bryan
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    Do I have an incorrect valance panel?

    Hello, the rear valance panel that I have for my 1971 mach 1 m code did not come with the car originally and I noticed that it does not have the license plate bracket that most of the repros I have some old repro part or is this correct for some years? I need to know what is correct...
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    1971 mach 1 m code, black interior , 4 speed.
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    Need help with hood hinge bracket 1971

    I finally found a pic , thanks .
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    Need help with hood hinge bracket 1971

    Hello all, can anyone tell me if there was a proper orientation for the hood hinge bracket? I am about to weld it in place and I noted the side has Little cuts on one side and a small hole on one end , both brackets have these . Thanks in advance. Bryan.
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    Jerry's 72 Mustang build

    That picture of corner where back of wheel well meets the trunk explains why I had to "stretch" my wheel well corner to fit my new trunk. Would like to have noticed that earlier..nice looking work. I put my floor in same way.