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  1. fmjcraig

    **HELP** Grinding noise from the rear driver-side wheel area

    I wondered where that nut I lost went…I checked the lost sock room, but it wasn’t there either.
  2. fmjcraig

    Intake swap on 4V 351C

    And don’t forget a healthy diet and exercise, another 50 pounds off…lol
  3. fmjcraig

    THE Bullitt Mustang for sale at Mecum. Opening bid 3,500.00!

    Anyone know who has the car now? I was at that Dearborn All Ford show at Ford headquarters and saw what you did also…there was also the first 1964 1/2 (light blue mustang) ever built…I was going to add pictures also, but probably deleted them…the Marti family was there also selling their services…
  4. fmjcraig

    THE Bullitt Mustang for sale at Mecum. Opening bid 3,500.00!

    I was reaching for the bid button, but went to the pantry for a snack instead…
  5. fmjcraig

    Chrome front bumper

    Exactly what I did on my ‘73…
  6. fmjcraig


    What steering wheel is that one on the over-priced green convertible, anyone recognize which car it’s from? Looks interesting...not an idle question, really would like to know. That’s all, folks
  7. fmjcraig


    Nicely equipped, but too many items wrong to ask that much, and top need refitment, got a boot? And added adhesive aftermarket (usually done by selling dealer as an up sell) body side moldings, ouch…prices are up, yes, but not to that degree…if it was perfect in every respect it still wouldn’t...
  8. fmjcraig

    The Great Debate - NOS, Restored or Reproduction?

    I built a lot of models as a kid, and the memories of toluene do about also when we would take a drive down to Florida from Michigan in the mid-50’s for summer vacation, no I75 back then, winding through the mountains in north Georgia, and the fragrant aroma of leaded gas when my...
  9. fmjcraig


    We will get to the bottom of this!!! (Picture the scene from the Frankenstein movie where the townspeople march torches in hand to the monster’s lair) lol
  10. fmjcraig

    Cool wall art or ?

    Very cool...shipping cost will be half again the unit cost, but it will sell...
  11. fmjcraig

    1973 Special paint Convertible on Ebay

    Wonder who ordered this car originally and as such a low optioned model...base interior, basic gages and all the mistakes in its restoration...hope it’s not listed for sale over $20,000 IMO.
  12. fmjcraig

    Coupe/vert trunk lid fitment tricks? Anyone get rid of the torsion spring

    Check with MotorCity Mustang in Canton, Michigan, May have what you need, and also a member here...
  13. fmjcraig

    Mystery wire

    Yes to Doug’s 73 Mach 1 response.
  14. fmjcraig

    Fix For Dim 71 to 73 Mustang Dash/Instrument Panel Lights

    I believe the rectangular unit on the forward side of the starter solenoid is a voltage regulator for either the convertible top electrical or a/c electrical…I’m sure other members will provide correct answer if I’m wrong, but only seen it on convertibles with air conditioning…it was on mine. I...
  15. fmjcraig

    Parts Wanted Complete Used Front Grill 1973 Grande

    I advertised mine here but no takers here, in great condition, and it was complete with moldings and lamp assemblies, minus running horse, and got a message from a buyer finally last month...fair deal was $358 shipped, $99.00 of that was FedEx from Michigan to Texas, and he’s happy as I am...
  16. fmjcraig

    Rattled by the rattle

    I experienced the same annoying rattle in the front that I couldn’t initially find, over our lovely potholes, searched and rubber hammer-pounded, and then finally...the rubber sleeves that the caliper slide pins reside in were completely deteriorated or missing so the moveable caliper assembly...
  17. fmjcraig

    Sold Center console clock and salesman pamphlet $50 shipped!

    Call you shortly...around 9:00 AM, thanks, Doug.
  18. fmjcraig

    Sold Center console clock and salesman pamphlet $50 shipped!

    Lowering price to realistic level...$50 for all, shipping (USA) included, thanks and HAPPY HOLIDAYS.
  19. fmjcraig

    Proper Bolt Color

    Yellow zinc top fender bolts on mine...
  20. fmjcraig

    Sold 1973 Convertible

    The convertible top motor receives accessory power through this wire set (factory application)...probably designed to remove and avoid electrical stress through smaller wiring harness gauge.