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  1. J

    Headers - Mach 1 w/400 engine transplant

    Could anyone comment on what engine mount combination it takes to place a 351M/400 onto the OEM frame mounts?
  2. J

    1973 Mach 1 H code 351C Original Rocker Arms

    High-volume metal parts like rocker arms use multiple-cavity dies in their tooling. Each cavity is number stamped so any problems or defects in a rocker arm can be traced backed to the specific cavity for tooling repair.....Same applies to most injection-molded plastic parts......
  3. J

    My 1973 project daily driver

    Welcome from Detroit ---- Also, could you share the brand & Part No. of the master cylinder you located? Hopefully it didn't require fitting adaptors like the one I ended-up with ....... Thanks!
  4. J

    Parts Wanted 1973 front bumper

    I also have two available. They are listed on the Detroit Craigslist if you care to look it up for the pictures and descriptions.......If you need the energy mounting arms, I do not have those, however.
  5. J

    Parts Wanted 302 C cylinder head

    Who out there has a good pair of rebuildable 302C heads that live closer to Detroit?? Let me know.... Thanks!
  6. J

    '71-'73' Bodied Nitro Funny Cars are the coolest!

    .......and let's not forget about Shirley Muldowney's fine Mustangs .......
  7. J

    Parts For Sale 3-point Seat belts.

    Thanks to all that inquired. These 3-point belts are SOLD.......
  8. J

    Parts For Sale 3-point Seat belts.

    Gents --- Looks like they are going for about $210.00 pair now. How about $105.00 plus S&H? Thanks, J
  9. J

    Parts For Sale 3-point Seat belts.

    One pair of new, unused RetroBelt®'s 3-point lap and shoulder belt kit. Never installed. Includes everything you will need to add a retractable belt system for two front seat passengers to your 1965-73 Ford Mustang. The 12-inch plastic sleeve makes this system perfect for installation in...
  10. J

    Higher rated stock spring

    To continue on this topic, I would like to reach out to members to kindly ask if they could measure the approximate distance between the upper A-arm and the bumper stop on their cars(stock or modified). I have also trimmed a bit off my aftermarket coil springs and now I am wondering if I have...
  11. J

    Fender Extension Seals Needed?

    Thanks for confirming Ron. I couldn't find them in my Ford body shop manual but will plan to try a set based on your experience......
  12. J

    Fender Extension Seals Needed?

    Could someone confirm whether or not a front fender extension seal is used? I do not see an application for the die-cast front extensions like the rear quarter extensions. Also --- if no traditional rubber seal was used, does anyone have a nifty way to keep the joint from cracking paint? Thank...
  13. J

    Added retractable 3 point belts

    If anyone is looking to perform a three-point seat belt upgrade for your front buckets, I have a brand new pair of Black RetroBelts for the 1971-73 Mustang. Never been installed. New in box. I decided to keep my OEM belts. Half the price of new ---$110 plus Shipping
  14. J

    72 Sprint Coupe

    ....By the way ------- Happy 50th Birthday this year to all you Sprint owners out there !!!!
  15. J

    Coil spring cover bolts: in or out

    Speaking of coil spring covers ------ does any know if these covers should be painted "slop gray" or perhaps they were painted black along with the engine bay area?? The pictures Stanglover posted above, look like the covers may be slop gray....... Thank you !
  16. J

    Ford unlocks its vault

    When searching the Ford Heritage Vault for our 1971 - 73 Mustangs, a (big) error discovered ...... the 1973 Mach 1 model shown is listed as a 1976 Mustang II...... So much for historic accuracy .....
  17. J

    Heading south

    .... are there any real paradises?
  18. J

    H78-14 space saver spare

    All great information Steve ----- Thank you!. After a bit of researching last week, I did find some dimensions on an OEM inflator canister --- 2-13/16" OD X 10-3/4" length. Interestingly, these dimensions are almost identical to the common hardware store propane or MAP gas bottle if one wants...
  19. J

    H78-14 space saver spare

    Steve ------ as a follow-up ------ I am trying to locate a Ford inflator canister for display. Can you tell me the dimensions of a canister(length and circumference)? Perhaps the Ford canister is the same as other OEM's of the time? Chrysler and GM used a similar canister, I assume?