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  1. RocketFoot

    "Moonfall" Mach 1

    I watched that movie but I didn't notice the Mustang! Must have been getting a snack or something! Cool find!
  2. RocketFoot

    New member in PA

    Welcome! Where in PA are you located?
  3. 1DA5F293-3335-476A-8F59-AFE63C68AD15.jpeg


  4. RocketFoot

    Mustang Museum Limited availability 73 diecast

    They are taking preorders for the original Eleanor also!
  5. RocketFoot

    Popped back in after a looonnnggg absence

    Welcome back!!
  6. RocketFoot

    7173 Daily Trivia Contest!

    9/10 I must be off today, LOL!
  7. rocketfoot2012 copy.png

    rocketfoot2012 copy.png

  8. RocketFoot

    7173 Daily Trivia Contest!

    10 OUTTA 10!!
  9. RocketFoot

    7173 Daily Trivia Contest!

    Do we have any trivia fans in here?  I set up a trivia challenge for all forum members!  Questions are not Mustang related - mostly general knowledge type quizzes!  10 questions daily! Use your forum username to register so we can track leaders in the standings page!  Here is the link...
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  11. RocketFoot

    Post Car Funnies

    Heck yeah!  I'd never leave the shop!!
  12. ScreenHunter_290 Dec. 18 10.49.png

    ScreenHunter_290 Dec. 18 10.49.png

  13. ScreenHunter_289 Dec. 18 10.49.png

    ScreenHunter_289 Dec. 18 10.49.png

  14. ScreenHunter_288 Dec. 18 10.48.png

    ScreenHunter_288 Dec. 18 10.48.png

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    ScreenHunter_287 Dec. 18 10.48.png

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    ScreenHunter_285 Dec. 18 10.47.jpg

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    ScreenHunter_286 Dec. 18 10.48.png

  18. ScreenHunter_284 Dec. 18 10.46.png

    ScreenHunter_284 Dec. 18 10.46.png

  19. ScreenHunter_283 Dec. 18 10.45.png

    ScreenHunter_283 Dec. 18 10.45.png

  20. RocketFoot

    Comment by 'RocketFoot' in media 'Larry & Becky 72.jpg'

    I had the exact same 72 coupe!  Anniversary gold, ginger brown interior, vinyl roof and dog dish caps with gold wheels!  It was in poor shape...sold to OMS to part out!