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  1. klinton994

    Just a plain h code 71 Mach

    Mine is a bare bones budget model. Originally C6, PS, AC Standard interior, and drum brakes.
  2. klinton994

    Tilt steering column installation

    It’s been awhile since I did mine. I did it by myself and it was a pain. As I recall the end of the steering column is semi circled with a flat side that needs to align with the rag joint.  The pinch bolt should be loose. 
  3. klinton994

    Seat extenders

    I agree with you. That extra 2” of leg room has allowed me to enjoy my car even more.  
  4. klinton994

    Seat extenders

    I followed jtassin instructions, utilizing a second set on brackets cut in half. It would out great!  At 6’4” with a 34” inseam I have plenty of legroom. There was no loss of headroom, possibly gained a slight bit. Entering and exiting the vehicle is much easier. Thanks jtassin.  I did find...
  5. klinton994

    71 - 73 Seat Upholstery - Distinctive Industry or TMI ?

    I am in the process of installing distinctive standard interior door panels.  The vinyl is of nice quality. The panel backing board is a pain.    The drivers side went well with one exception. Distinctive does not perforate the panel for the remote mirror control. Fortunately I had my old...
  6. klinton994

    Door speaker placement

    Allow me to preface this posting with an apology if it has been covered. I was unable to find an answer to my speaker issue. I have an unusual situation. The P.O. of the car has welded up the speaker holes in the doors. (photo #1) I have a set of Polk Audio, 5 x 7 x 2.75" speakers to install...
  7. klinton994

    71 Mach 1 standard interior dash

    My 71 Mach 1 is equipped with the standard interior. I am in the process of collecting parts to assemble a new dash to replace the existing dash, and hopefully look better,. With the standard interior, were there any chrome trim accents on the dash, glove box, instrument cluster, gauge pack...
  8. klinton994

    Tilt Wheel Lever cover

    Mine snapped as well, and easily. 
  9. klinton994

    Mustang door wiring harness sleeve

    Here is my update. I received the rubber sleeves from, and did a trial fit into a piece of sheet metal. They appear as if they will do the trick. Numbers on the blue masking tape are the hole sizes.  Mounting surface to surface is approximately 5.5"
  10. klinton994

    8 Track player dimensions

    I'm still interested in those dimensions, when you have time. Thank you
  11. klinton994

    Mustang door wiring harness sleeve

    I have ordered a set of door wire harness sleeves/bellows, from They are for a 79-84 Mustang. I will post dimensions when I receive them. 
  12. klinton994

    8 Track player dimensions

    I appreciate the information and look forward to dimensions.  When the radio and player is installed does the black face plate of the radio/player slip into the bezel opening, and sit flush with the face of the bezel? Or, does the black face plate of the radio/player rest flush with the back...
  13. klinton994

    8 Track player dimensions

    My 71 has not had any form of a radio in it as long as I have had the car. I would like to install a ford 8 track player. It would be retrofitted before the install.  Could someone provide the dimensions of the black face piece on the front of the 8 track player, from top to bottom, left to...
  14. klinton994

    Mustang door wiring harness sleeve

    My car does not have speakers in the doors. I am considering adding them. I was looking for options for a sleeve/boot for the wires to travel through and into the door. I see that a company, offers a set for 79-83 Mustangs.  Has anyone used these with success?  Or, is there an...
  15. klinton994

    WTB metal lower dash frame.

    Thank you. I think I may opt to have it sand blasted and powder coated. I'll be sure to have bare metal at the points where grounds attach.  Clinton
  16. klinton994

    WTB metal lower dash frame.

    Great! My zip is 94945 .  My intention is to construct a new dash assembly and wiring, then swap it out with my existing dash assembly. Is the condition of this dash such that a cleaning and paint would restore it?    If you feel you have a dash in better condition, regardless of color...
  17. klinton994

    WTB metal lower dash frame.

    I'm interested in the good one Mike. I've seen them on CL from $60.00 on up.   What do you want for yours?  I know the shipping is going to kill me. LOL Thanks for following up on this. Clinton
  18. klinton994

    1971 Parts for sale or trade

    I have a few items that I am interested in selling or trading. Please let me know if I have misidentified anything. Willing to sell, trade, trade plus cash. 1. Air filter and heat riser.  Sand blasted, painted blue.  $100 SOLD 2. 351C 2V exhaust manifolds. $100 SOLD 3. C6 kickdown rod. $40...