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    1971 Boss 351 R code

    if your state will allow you to title it save it if you can afford it. if not i would buy it and keep what you want and sell the rest of the parts to other boss restorers and make sure the fate of this r code is added to the known list of boss's still around or destroyed
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    long time gone, I'm back!

    thanks, the group on facebook was easier but i am getting tired of social media and all the problems it brings with it! i found it easier to ask questions and search topics on there wich is why i switched over but i may just have to try to force myself to learn this format
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    long time gone, I'm back!

    been gone a long time social media took over. i am getting off of social media for the most part and wanting to go back to fourms needs to relearn the old ways!
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    help with a club name

    old fart? im only 30 and I want this to be open for everyone lol not a bad direction to go thanks for the idea maybe a few tweeks to this and it might work! never heard of them are they in the area?
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    help with a club name

    lol does not come off the tong to well but I like it lol
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    help with a club name

    hello all I am in need of some help. I am starting a club in my area for everyone bikes trucks, classics tuners anything with a motor not just a coffee each week club and a cruise but a club that hangs out and grills with there rides and families a club that actually helps each other work on...
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    71 Vert Project

    good luck just keep plugging away at it you will get her done
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    Huge update

    lookin good
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    Detroit auto show

    yup pretty much none of them have the amarican feel anymore
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    1972 Mustang conv Marti

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    Modded 71-3's CL

    I like..... no I love custom work but some things have not ever been done before for a reason the front of the first one kind of felt like a throw back to the Daytona coupe with the big body platform
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    Hello from Germany

    welcome from Minnesota, great group lots of great people and knowledge.
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    Detroit auto show

    I am undecided, I would love to see a ford chevy or dodge reintroduce one of the classics same interior and everything except modern suspension and driveline all the best stuff of the classics with the reliability and comfort of a modern
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    Winter sucks

    tracs on a stang I love it!!!!!! lol I just warmed up babe she is not a happy girl getting her up from a nap.wish global warming would hurry up so I could get back to work lol
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    Don't forget Valentines Day

    I got upper and lower cowl and right fender apron and a new welder to put it all in
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    What I have been working on this winter.

    I had 2 97s loved them both! one was a 4.6 5speed heavy half and the other was a 5.4 auto both died close to 400,000 miles I now have an 08 love them there great trucks. looks good by the way! lol
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    Calling all military & vets

    SGT Bromen Sheldon Robert U.S. ARMY (RET) served 7 years, started national guard retired active duty 11B was early full medical after injured LOD I served with the 34th infantry division, 84th troop command, 175th RTI, 4th ID under MEDAC. have been to ft benning , ft McCoy, camp riply, ft...
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    welcome you have really nice rides there, keep us up on there progress
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    Hi from New Jersey

    welcome!!!!! cant wait to see it!
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    babe the blue ox!

    thanks! shes fun