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    Air Conditioning & Heating Help

    I also took.out the AC components and saved them all but would like to have them rebuilt and reinstalled? But where and who can do this and also upgrade it to 134a?? A local AC shop or car restoration shop? Also means condenser and evap need to be reconditioned and or any repairs original is...
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    73 radio adding a power antenna

    Thanks that's what I thought. No instructions with cheap stuff. But I did tap a 12v source and got an on-off-on toggle switch to just power manually up and down. Still not working. 🤔 antenna is grounded to body where installed may check that again.
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    73 radio adding a power antenna

    I have a 73 mach1 with factory am/fm radio. Two plugs one flat two wire in for power and the other square 3wire out for speakers and ground. Basic cheap power antenna add to keep from cutting a hole in car cover. It has two wires red green and a black ground. I assume the red is up and green is...