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    Would you buy a 71-73 again?

    My 71 Mach is my second Mustang. I bought a 74 after HS as a daily driver. It was a POS. I love, like the rest of the world, the 67 -70 body Mustangs but my budget doesn't allow it. This one spoke to me in some weird way before I bought it. Next thing I knew it was in my garage. I love the...
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    Which 1971 engines came with the C6

    I've got the C6 in my 71 351 Cleveland Mach 1
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    73 q code vert competition suspension 9” posi rear - how do I tell 31 or 28 spline?

    Maybe those in the know could help decipher my axle spline. 71 M code Mach 1 that had a 3.0 gear limited slip originally. Currently has a 3.50 gear. I'd like to go to a trutrac or similar rear end
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    Anyone know a good reliable transporter company?

    What ever you do don't go through a broker. If you call ask if they are a broker. I got duped by one by not asking the right questions. The shipper I got was a POS who would barely answer the phone. I felt lucky to get my car delivered in one piece.
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    71 roller on Craigslist

    Saw this 71 roller on CL. Might be a good parts car if someone needs it ?
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    351c exhaust manifold questions

    That's what I thought also. I've got some time until it's warm enough in michigan to drive so I'll just do it. We have a welder at work that is really good and does side work so I'll hit him up to weld the connections for me.
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    351c exhaust manifold questions

    Do you think the big difference is because they eliminated the Cats? I got a quote of 2k from my local mechanic to install the headers on my car and fab the connection at the headers. I will probably just end up doing it myself.
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    351c exhaust manifold questions

    Ok so here's another header question for those that have done it. Right now I have a 2.5" magnflow exhaust. It's fairly loud, rumbles and the neighbors know when I fire it up. I was told by a local mechanic that it will be noticeably louder with the headers installed. I was skeptical but I don't...
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    351c exhaust manifold questions

    So I'm curious about the installation of " long tube" headers on a 351C 4V 71 with power steering. Or it it just easier to i stall short tube? How hard is it ? I don't have lift. Is it doable with ramps, jack stands and a pretty full tool box? My exhaust is new from the manifold back. I realize...
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    351c exhaust manifold questions

    It never ceases to amaze me at the level of expertise and knowledge on this site. Attaboys all around
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    Any thoughts

    Looks decent, non functioning hood, single exhaust, AC which is a plus but seems priced about 20 K more than it's worth IMO.
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    72 rear turn signal conversion to yellow

    You know CJ pony parts has an LED conversion that you can do. Makes the tail lights super bright compared to the OEM lights. You may want to try that before you try converting to the yellow? The brightness may make up for the lack of a yellow lens or bulb? Just a thought
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    Another Cooling Question...

    Not sure if you read the thread about clutch fan versus flex fan? Your post says it has dual fans. I'm guessing that means their electric?  Do you think they're pushing enough air through the radiator when you're at a standstill? It could just be a CFM issue? Are they activated by a thermostat...
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    What Fan/Fan Clutch for 73 351C 4V

    I did mine today. Took all of about 15 minutes to install. My shroud had two screws in the top. I removed those and the shroud leaned towards the engine which allowed me to access the fan and also the bolts on the water pump. When I started it up, I couldn't believe the amount of air being...
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    First car show of the year. Let's your pics !

    I'm not sure, I'll take a look tonight and post 
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    Is the mach 1 inner (twist) gas cap from under the pop open cover Mustang specific?

    My 71 doesn't have an inner cap. There's a rubber seal on the inside and when you push the cap close that's what seals off the gas tank. 
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    Like / dislike of 71-73 Mustangs

    Red 71 Mach 1 Likes Styling of the NASA hood, roof line and back window. Handling IMO is good for the vintage. It's fun to drive, sounds good and is a head turner.  Dislikes Not a big fan of the extra long hood. Also I wish they would have stuck with more of the 69 to 70 contours of the back...
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    What goes in this bracket? After market tape player perhaps?

    Way back in the day I had an old slide mount for a tape deck radio. Thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread at the time
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    Ram Air close the inlet in the aircleaner

    It also draws warm air off of the exhaust manifold when your cold starting.