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    Wolverine and luxstang are writing history.

    I mailed him some Ohio license plates when you were in the US and stopped to visit him!
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    Just no

    It looks chebby with the dizzy in the butt
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    WTS: Global West sub-frame connectors

    Sold. Going to a good home as soon as I can get to a UPS store :)
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    Greetings from Weirton, WV

    Welcome to the Forum! My Mother's family was from Weirton. They lived up in Marlin Heights. There's a street up there named after my Grandfather, who was one of the founders of the Williams Country Club. He was a banker, and was instrumental in developing Marlin Heights, back in the day...
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    WTS: Global West sub-frame connectors

    They are for convertible
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    WTS: Global West sub-frame connectors

    New in box. $125 shipped.
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    How to keep rodents out of my Mustang?

    Plus 1 to the pepermint oil. You want pure extract... It lasts longer than oil. A few drops on a cotton ball inside foil... Poke with toothpick to make small holes. Rodents hate pepermint. But you'll need to refresh them every month or so. If you're lazy, you can put the extract in a spray...
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    Quick fuel pump question

    I also did mine without moving the PS pump. My wrench was short, and I only got about an eighth of a turn then had to flip the wrench and do another eigth of a turn... Took about a half hour just to get the top bolt out. When putting the new one in, you may want to have someone tap the...
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    1973 Mustang Convertible 351 CV For Sale

    Beautiful car! 1973 convertibles didn't come with NASA hoods and rear spoilers either. Although, mine has both now:)
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    Horn going off

    I had the same problem, and ended up just unplugging the switch until I get the chance to figure it out
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    Elkhart Lake,Wisconsin

    Anyone going? We are driving up Friday to visit friends for the weekend. The car show Saturday evening is pretty awesome.
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    Finally back on the road!

    :bravo: Great to see you getting back on the road!
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    Help me find a torque convertor

    I hope it goes well!
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    FMX to AOD swap. Complete report.

    IIRC, a 3.8 with the overdrive is just about the same as the FMX with a 2.75. You should be right at the sweet spot! I'm running a 3.93 rear end with my wide ratio AOD, and at 70MPH, I'm at about 2,700 RPMS.
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    Why Mayberry was Peaceful?

    That's funny!
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    Caption This Picture

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    Distributor Install Problem

    Yes, very common. Try putting a small blob of grease on the end of the screw driver, and use the grease to keep the shaft centered.
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    1973 vert for sale

    For a documented single owner car with less than 100K miles, I think the price is pretty fair.
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    I need a pick up truck

    Don't forget the air compressor and air horns. I always wanted to put a train locomotive air horn on the truck I had. Then scare the crap out of anyone who tailgates me :)
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    Railroad fans?

    Wow! Very cool!!!!! That's on my bucket list now. Thanks for posting that!