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  1. Jcloutier0722


    Radio shaft = 9/16" deep well
  2. Jcloutier0722

    AM 8 Track is Back in the Mustang

    When I'm not streaming through my 2 JBL BT speakers tucked alongside the seats, I'll run an 8 track through its paces... Sound is vintage 1972 but it still works and plays and has that WOW factor.
  3. Jcloutier0722

    Anybody catch the fastback in the show Young Sheldon

    Yup ... It's Georgie's car... probably see some more in the next season...
  4. Jcloutier0722

    Allegedly 1 of 1 PW window 73 Convertible

    Like the YOM plate... did that too on my CT 72 convertible... When I got it 6 months ago it had just under 18,000 original miles, yes "additional top down therapy" (also have an 88 5.0L vert) and so far racked up another 5,000 over the summer. Wildfire likes to get out and kick up her feet...
  5. Jcloutier0722

    Too Much Space Between Between Bumper and Rear End

    Here's reference position from a 72 survivor.
  6. Jcloutier0722

    Sad story with happy ending (Long)

    My 72 has door speakers and grilles as it had the stereophonic AM 8 track player
  7. Jcloutier0722

    Fan belts for 72 F code 302 V8

    Why didn't they say so... "factory air" lol. Yes it has factory air 1 in 3 on the convertible in 72
  8. Jcloutier0722

    Fan belts for 72 F code 302 V8

    Thanks... now the question is... is the A/C integral or hang on :)
  9. Jcloutier0722

    Fan belts for 72 F code 302 V8

    Maybe it's just me, but it used to be a lot easier to get fan belts without having to remove them and take them in for measurements. Looking for part numbers for the: Alternator Power steering A/C (although Is not critical at this time until it gets serviced) Any clues from...
  10. Jcloutier0722

    First Car show

    Congrats... good to see "younger" at the shows. Last few a sea of gray and a pending exodus of classic cars if the torch does not get passed.
  11. Jcloutier0722

    Boss price

    It popped up on my Hemmings feed again this morning and and I can say again is WOW... And the close ups do no justice. This a run of the mill 351C 4V that has seen its best days go by. Not that it can't be brought back to its former glory, it's just not worth anywhere near that price. I thought...
  12. Jcloutier0722

    Cut Pile Carpet For Door Panels

    Forgot the red pony hi beam and the 2 door sill ford logos :)
  13. Jcloutier0722

    Cut Pile Carpet For Door Panels

    The carbon fiber is a nice touch tho ...
  14. Jcloutier0722

    Cut Pile Carpet For Door Panels

    few indicators? Mine has Mustang on the centerstack, steering wheel, gas cap, grill, 3 scripts , and all 4 wheels... My 88 fox body vert has "1" and it's embossed on the hood insulator :) And the 72 doesn't say "FORD" once as opposed to the 88 7 times throughout... You can tell they were torn...
  15. Jcloutier0722

    Boss price

    In the immortal words of P.T. Barnum.... and "I know what I got!"
  16. Jcloutier0722

    Hello from Connecticut

    Welcome western CT here... have 72 and 88 convertibles...hope to see around in some shows...
  17. Jcloutier0722

    Not Original Seats?

    They look similar but my 72 has the latch at the door side of the seat... And mine are comfortweave so the padding design is different. And an early 72 so I have lap belts no retractor belts.
  18. Jcloutier0722

    Passing on a bit of connector mating knowledge

    When correcting an out of place heater bezel lamp, I thought I firmly reinstalled the 3 speed switch. But to my dismay and $80 later, this was not the case. Odd thing was medium and high speed would work but not low ( and wasn't sure if it ever worked before... so with some dielectric grease...
  19. Jcloutier0722

    What did you do to your car today?

    I hear ya... I've grown to accept the bit of squat... though with just over 20,000 miles the springs haven't seen a lot of road miles for sure.