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  1. Bobby


    72 heych code Mach Uno.
  2. Bobby

    1973 Mach1 project

    Welcome fellow Houstonian! I grew up in H Town but moved to League City 3 years ago. You can get a replacement dash pad in black from CJ Pony and the floor pans from near most vendors. All that is required for your restoration is $$$! For your engine, do you plan a build or getting a crate...
  3. Bobby

    New Member Intro

    A Big Howdee from Texas and welcome aboard! Very slick survivor you have.
  4. Bobby

    Seat belts

    The Sheriff always cleans up this town!
  5. Bobby

    hey there from South Carolina!!

    A 100+ degree welcome from Texas! Whew its HOT! As other members has indicated, mo pics! Like Playboy or Penthouse etc, I don't buy Mustang or Hot Rod Magazines for the articles!!! :LOL: Do you have a tilt steering column? Sloppy steering, besides the aforementioned issues, could be a bad U...
  6. Bobby

    I've just been told...

    Least they weren’t kissing cousins like they’re trying to push these days.
  7. Bobby

    I've just been told...

    Bo and Luke are cousins as well!
  8. Bobby

    Left front blinker light doesn't work

    Check the light bulb first. Buy a new one. I was tricked by a bad bulb that looked good and tested good using a resistance tester on a multimeter but was still bad.
  9. Bobby

    Hello From KY. New site supporting member

    Sweet ride! Another Howdee from the Lone Star State! Welcome aboard!
  10. Bobby


    In 1972, when my Mach 1 was built (in February), I was two months shy of my 9th birthday. All that stuff that was going on I observed from the sidelines. Those hippies in the neighborhood were definitely scary looking. They would walk line abreast down the street blocking traffic and wouldnt...
  11. Bobby

    Parts For Sale 72 351CJ engine for sale

    Can you post a pic of the steering column? Is it a tilt column?
  12. Bobby


    Hey man….it was the 70s dude! Psycho-delic color combos were the order of the day! In the early 70s everything was still far out and groovy!…..maaaan!
  13. Bobby

    Ram Air vacuum actuators

    If you are speaking of the vacuum actuators on the ram air plenum, you can just buy an new repro plenum and remove the vacuum actuators from the plenum or remove your old plenum and replace it with the repro.
  14. Bobby

    After market AC question 72 Mach 1 R Code

    The original factory air setup had the hoses run in front of the engine. Aftermarket replacement systems have the hoses run behind the engine as they are precut and preset for that. Interesting how you mounted the compressor. To the head and the engine block. I've never seen that before...
  15. Bobby

    CJ or 4V

    I agree with the Sheriff. Its your Mustang and you can call it what you like. If your intent is to go concourse, then you're off beat. If this is your custom vehicle to reflect your desires and personality, then you are right on. I have a lowly H code Mach 1 but I stroked a 351C to 393 with...
  16. Bobby

    Look what Ford did to the new FL1A oil filters

    Once upon a time there were available oil filter covers. These replicated the old 1960s era appearance so you could use any brand of filter you wanted and then slide this repro cover over the new filter to give the appearance of a old OEM filter. Anybody know what I'm talking about?
  17. Bobby

    Look what Ford did to the new FL1A oil filters

    I never cared for the FL-1A anyway. They always leaked at the crimp. Stick with the k&N brand or Bosch for excellent filtration.
  18. Bobby

    gauges upgrade

    Center Gauge Panel Black 1971 - 1973 - ACP ( 71 72 73 Mustang Mach 1 center gauges Oil Alt Temp 1971 1972 1973 | eBay Try these for a neater look!
  19. Bobby

    New Purchase and new member in AL

    Wow! Thats a nice sweet and slick ride! Welcome from Tejas!
  20. Bobby

    Mystery part..what is it?

    I saw one of those in my college accounting class...its a widget! looks a little discombobulated but its definitely a widget! We learned how to price and distribute them all over the country! There! Mystery solved!