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    Low fuel pressure (EFI) - bad pump, bad plumbing or ?

    What is your fuel level? I had issues with an external pump below half a tank.
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    Engine to damn tall.

    I had to use a drop base along with a short filter to get the clearance I needed.
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    Lost on carb choices.

    I would say any 4v ranging from 600-650 cfm should do just fine. Brand would just depend on budget.
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    Hard time starting up.

    If the engine is turning over normal, I would think its a fuel or spark issue. When the car will not start is the time to check for both. You may need some help with the process. If its lazy to turn over it could be a timing issue.
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    Parts For Sale Parts galore. Looking to clean out

    Parts for sale need to be priced to be posted
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    Hey guys new to this, but what cover fits it the best and is rain proof.

    Most will come with a plastic grommet you can install in the cover if you want. On my 63 Fairlane I just unscrew the antenna and put the cover on. I removed mine from my mustang and had the hole welded up so I don't remember how the mustangs attach. I like cover craft covers myself, but everyone...
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    AFD 4V vs SP4V Heads

    here is a picture of the height difference from the block to the intake. I made an aluminum spacer from the factory gasket and used the gasket on one side and rtv on the other. Have had no issues with it.
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    AFD 4V vs SP4V Heads

    TRY HERE Some other info from another website
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    Malwood under dash clutch kit

    Mine was a factory four speed car so that may have helped.
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    Malwood under dash clutch kit

    The only thing I completely removed was the drivers seat and the gauges (I have dakota digital) so I could reach from the top, and the emergency brake pedal along with the vent duct on that side (non ac car) as well. Steering column just loosened so it could be moved around some.
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    408c CR Iron vs Aluminum Heads

    AFD will make the combustion chamber to whatever cc you want them to be. When I did the math on mine the compression was to high for what I wanted. Two ways to attack that. One is to use a thicker head gasket set . Cometic and other I'm sure make them. But I chose to have AFD open them up a bit...
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    I think I have something going on with the differential

    What's the old saying? "How fast do you want to go? Well how much money do you have?" LOL unfortunately seems to be a true statement. Mine is still down from the last time we went on the power tour. Bad thing is I have all the parts to put it back together and still have not.
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    I think I have something going on with the differential

    Here you go, just check all your needed boxes and it arrives in the mail................LOL
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    I think I have something going on with the differential

    Any vibrations or just noise? If just noise I would lean to rear end as well
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    Just some pics.....

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    Parts For Sale 72 351CJ engine for sale

    Please add a price as it is a requirement here for parts that are for sale.
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    Modern 10 Speed in a 73 Mach 1

    I know someone who could probably help you out with this. If you want to send (PM) me your contact information I will pass it along to him.
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    Best Car Cover?

    I'm glad you had good luck with because my experience was horrible. Then when the covers didn't fit at all had to pay shipping bac for a refund. never again, if it was free I wouldn't use it because it would advertise for them.