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    What is this part?

    It looks like you have the part on the right. If you wanted to replace it, since they seem to be not found, you could use the one on the left, which NPD sells. I believe they typically have 3 vacuum connections.
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    Magnum 500 center cap rant

    I believe I've seen caps similar to these. The issue is, there appears to be two different heights, shorter vs taller. Ads just seem to mention the 2 1/8 size diameter and not the height.
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    Magnum 500 center cap rant

    I dont know if I would trust anything sold by Scott Drake. I recently needed a new center cap for a Magnum 500 wheel. The original center caps have a prong type way of attaching to the wheel whereas the repro ones ( typical ) being sold use a 4 screw and cap type of mounting to the wheel. Of...
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    starter related ques

    I havent checked under the car yet but since I have the starter relay on the fender I'm assuming that there is not one on the starter itself? Some mention offset so what is that referring to? Would anyone happen to have a part number for starter motor for a 71 351c that I can refer to? Thanks...
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    starter related ques

    The other day I went to start the car ( 71 Mcode Mach )and it seemed like the starter and motor didnt sync correctly. There was just a noise without turning over the engine although its hard to describe. It started fine on the next crank. Something like this hasnt happened in the past. Just...
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    Potential bad fuel pump?

    It should come out when you take the banjo bolt off or, if its sitting in the carb, grab it (tweezers etc) and pull it out. Its a fine mesh so you clean it or order new ones from Holley.
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    Potential bad fuel pump?

    Does that Holley carb have a bonjo bolt at the fuel inlet? If it does and you remove that bolt, there is another little filter screen that is inside that inlet. Maybe check that screen also.
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    quirky fuel issue for opinions

    Yes, I saw your post and plan on trying the aeromotive gauge, with proper thread sealant. Thanks!!
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    quirky fuel issue for opinions

    Sheriff, Thanks for your thoughts on this issue. I checked the gauge NPT threads that were screwed into the NPT T fitting and there is a section that was not covered by the Permatex paste. That most likely has to be the issue since the 'problem' went away once I removed the gauge. Although I've...
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    quirky fuel issue for opinions

    On my 71 mach 1 351c, I recently had an oil filled fuel pressure gauge go from reading normal (5-6lbs) to reading zero even though engine ran fine. This was installed into an NPT T fitting that is between the pump steel line to carb. Thinking it was the gauge, I ordered another oil filled one...
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    gauge dies after working initially

    Well the gauge i'm currently using is not electrical so I thought the simplicity of the set up would make it even easier to troubleshoot. The gauge is screwed into an NPT connection tee that is installed in the rubber fuel line. No sending units or electrical connections so it sounds almost like...
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    gauge dies after working initially

    On my 71 mach 1, 351c 4v engine, I have a fuel pressure gauge between the mechanical fuel pump and the carb. Initially when new, it reads in the 6 - 8 psi range or thereabouts. BUT, at some later time it stops working for whatever reason. I have fuel flowing, car runs fine but gauge reads 0...
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    oil filter magnet

    I've seen magnets as part of the oil pan drain plug but wasnt aware of magnets for the oil filter. Do these work or is it a mixed opinion? I realize the filter will collect a lot of the contamination but would a magnet collect whatever is left flowing around? Seems like it may be beneficial...
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    Vehicles For Sale 1973 Mach 1 for Sale

    From the pics, seems like you should be asking more than the $39,500. Hagerty lists that car between $45,700 (Excellent) and $74,600 (Concours). List higher, you can always decrease the amount during the barter.
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    351 Cleveland running hot at idle.

    If you dont want to be bothered trying to determine which restrictor plate to use with the Cleveland thermostat, West Coast Classic Cougar also sells 'modified' restrictor plates that once installed, the common windsor thermostat can then be used. Both options seem like good ideas...
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    Poorly painted rear interior quarter trim panels

    Here is a video for copying texture so it can be applied to an area being fixed. Pesronally havent used it but looks like it would work. I have also used the texture coating mentioned above and that also seems to work although on mine I didnt have to do a lot of panel repair.
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    72' Rag joint replacement inquiry

    When you do the install into the 73 do you plan on making an informational tutorial video?? Would be nice to see that.
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    How to remove a 351C water pump

    As mentioned above, its the distributor vacuum control valve. Here is a link to a couple of them. Having the removal/install tool also makes it easier.
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    Circuit boards for gauges

    They do sell a gauge tester that may make things easier. Havent used it but looks convenient.
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    Selling car prices

    I havent checked on classic car prices in a while but when recently checking around to the common ones, NADA, KBB etc, many dont have the 70's year range. As I recall, in the past, they had the range as well as wholesale / retail values. What are some good sites to use for selling / buying...