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    1st post

    Welcome from Omaha!
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    Points replacement options

    Welcome from Omaha!
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    Long time owner ...

    Welcome from Omaha!
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    engine problem -smoke from exhaust!!!!

    No hard accelerations might do the trick!
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    Carrying on a tradition.

    Welcome from Omaha!
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    Hello from PA! Restoring a 73 Mach 1

    Welcome from Omaha!
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    1973 Mach1 project

    Welcome from Omaha!
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    New Member Intro

    Welcome from Omaha!
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    Speedometer and gauge service

    I think they are all the same except for T5's delivered to Germany which had a 200 km/h speedometer!
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    Leaded Gasoline

    Hi Mike, I thought you were Military, don't you get stamps for gas?
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    Stainless Steel Gas Tank Straps

    Hey Pat, I had mine's my under hood light a'comin'? LOL!
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    hey there from South Carolina!!

    Welcome from Omaha!
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    Welcome from Omaha!
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    Show me your Woody

    Spell's Perverts not "peverts" but perhaps it is a British thing LOL!
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    Hello from NC

    Welcome from Omaha!
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    1950's Ameeerica ... why so appealing?

    Hey 1sostatic...did you forget about me and my request LOL, a looong while ago I asked you about a British License Plate that a previous owner had on my '71 Mustang. You told me you would check it out at your DMV or whatever that's called. Now, up up up...NO more slacking, alright LOL! Sorry for...
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    New Guy...

    Welcome from Omaha!
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    New member just acquired 73 Mustang Grande

    Welcome from Omaha!
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    Welcome from Omaha!
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    Window handle knobs

    NO WAY...a none fitting Scott Drake part, who would've known!