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    Valve clatter under acceleration

    Tool purchase time! Get a timing light, I don’t know which ones to suggest these days. I have an old Ferret timing light, which I think are now sold under the MSD name. A timing light with a degree display and advance / retard capability will make it easier as you can use the TDC mark on your...
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    Wild new computer controlled AFR system for carburetors.

    Same here. Might have mine next weekend.
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    What did you do to your car today?

    Regarding pillows- that is awesome! Consider a visit to the patio section of your local box store at the end of summer. Lounge chair pads can be had with resilient fabric, and they often have designs that fold up into a cube shape to take up less space. Might be worth getting one on...
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    18" Space Saver Wheel?

    Some modern fords (Lincoln town cars?) have a temp spare that is on an aluminum wheel. I grabbed a couple temp spare steelies out of a pick-n-pull yard that were in late 2000’s fords. Only catch was the offset wasn’t quite right. Needed a thin spacer to clear my front calipers. If you have...
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    What did you do to your car today?

    Spent an day installing some Rallyarmor mud flaps. The paint is nice now, and I’d like to keep it that way. Started off with universal flaps and cut them a bit. Brackets were a pain, as I didn’t want to drill any holes in the car. They mount via the existing wheel well molding holes. Front...
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    Engine to damn tall.

    Post some pics of your setup
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    Help with braking issue. PLEASE. I am stumped at this point.

    Might be worth posting some pics of your brake setup to see if one of the forum eagle eyes spots an issue.
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    Help with braking issue. PLEASE. I am stumped at this point.

    How much pushrod play do you have between the booster and the MC?
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    Lost on carb choices.

    That Brawler carb isn’t shown as having a ford kickdown assembly.
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    Lost on carb choices.

    What is making you lean towards an Autolite clone?
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    Lost on carb choices.

    What brand do your buddies have? Edelbrock or Holley? Friends with jets, parts and knowledge of one platform might influence what you choose. You’ll need to get a carburetor that has a Ford kickdown mechanism on it, it is comparable with a retrofit kit. I have an old 750 vacuum secondary...
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    351 Cleveland bogs/stall when in drive and foot on brake

    Maybe try disconnecting your vacuum brake booster for troubleshooting and block off the vacuum port? Keep it in mind that you WILL NOT have power brakes and it isn’t safe to drive.
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    Should I or should I not????

    Restoring a car isn’t inexpensive. I’d say restore whatever brings you joy if you can swing it. I have a money pit Grande that I enjoy.
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    Motor and Trans Installation

    I have done a 351/FMX that way. Keep the nose low to the ground (but not so low you can’t roll the engine hoist legs under it. Raise the back of the car higher and support on jack stands. It will be easier if the car is “raked”. Using something like an Oberg tilt lift with your engine hoist...
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    First time set down on new suspension

    Made it. The vertical part is steel welded to the valance. The horizontal splitter is XPS foam that I carved into shape and had coated with Line-X.
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    First time set down on new suspension

    I was down around 24”, but decided to raise it up to just under 25”. It looked cool lower, but I wanted to make it more parking lot / street friendly. This was when it was 24” ish.
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    351C Timing: Initial, Curve and Total

    I’d probably roll with the silver springs and limit your mechanical advance to about 20 degrees. I am about 14 initial, 33 total all mechanical no vacuum.
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    Brake pedal vibrate when depressing it

    99.9% chance your car still has a vacuum booster which looks like a couple round cake pans welded together on the firewall. A hydro booster is plumbed into your power steering pump and takes the place of the vacuum booster, it is much smaller and would have a few lines going to it. Only reason...
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    What did you do today instead of working on your Mustang?

    That looks like the opposite of fun. They got you walking around yet?