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  1. cv_72mustang

    Garage storage during the East Coast Winter questions?

    I checked tire pressure, cover , full tank of ethanol fuel. Start once every month and run until hot. Check mouse traps,lol.
  2. cv_72mustang

    Dream Car

    Nice , Vert in Colorado works for me!!!
  3. cv_72mustang

    New from Texas

    Welcome from PA. It's great to hear you kept the car. Not many can. Keep us posted. I kept my car and girlfriend/wife, LOL
  4. cv_72mustang

    Centre console gauges stopped working. Oil pressure, temp.

    Good chance it's the bi-metal voltage regulator. It mounts on the flex circuit board within the display cluster. Do a search on the site to show location.
  5. cv_72mustang

    Carrying on a tradition.

    Welcome from PA, super nice car and story made my day!
  6. cv_72mustang

    Hello from PA! Restoring a 73 Mach 1

    Welcome from NE PA also. I live in Lehigh Valley and great to have another being put back on the road.
  7. cv_72mustang


    Welcome from NE, PA. Perfect timing since the Barbie movie is all the rage in the US. Nice!
  8. cv_72mustang


    I was looking for a car that could get me dates. Interesting enough the first girl in my car I went out with became my wife. I kept the car and the girl. Chances are either the car goes, the girl, or both. I kept both!! LOL
  9. cv_72mustang

    hey there from South Carolina!!

    Welcome from PA.
  10. cv_72mustang

    New Guy...

    Welcome from PA.
  11. cv_72mustang

    New member just acquired 73 Mustang Grande

    Welcome from PA. Enjoy your new ride. Looks very nice.
  12. cv_72mustang

    Convertible Top To Far Forward?

    Maybe do a simple measurement using a plumb line from the windshield at the dowel pin cavity and down to door or dash pad, then compare with an another vert without this issue. Just a thought. This may not be accurate enough.... Update: Just checked my car , dash pad won't work, maybe the top...
  13. cv_72mustang

    Feedback on Boss i'm interested in

    Welcome, Search for this title on this site that one member recently posted and view the video. Car flipper cautionary tale
  14. cv_72mustang

    Anyone seen this car? NJ area....

    I live in PA and I really don't see any cars like ours at all. I'm sure they're around but probably only driven in summer months and sporadically. If I do see it, I'll for sure let you know. Tony
  15. cv_72mustang

    Slow Website

    This was posted awhile back from Rocketfoot. Quote: Reminder folks...If you are seeing unwanted ads in the forum, please visit your account preferences where you can opt out of ads! You can click this link to go there quickly!
  16. cv_72mustang

    I'm so 'Tired'

    Reading my Hargerty email update and came across this image. TonyD
  17. cv_72mustang

    71 Mach 1 - Novice Restoration

    Welcome Zack, great story and project.
  18. cv_72mustang

    How does this work?

    Since you made me read it I had find out what a sintered disk was. Your turn, LOL
  19. cv_72mustang

    How does this work?

    It's amazing this whole emissions control loop 'worked'. They sure were a creative bunch!