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  1. Don C

    Battery drain problem

    How do you know that wire is the culprit? That wire also provides power to the rear window defroster relay and the seat back latch relays, as well as the power window relay. The horns should be fed through the fuse panel, which gets its power through the big yellow wire. One of the relays may...
  2. Don C

    Introduction and looking for my dad's 1971 Mach 1

    Have you tried online searches, like Some of the VIN searches don't work with older cars that have less than 17 digits in the VIN. They supposedly search most state DMVs.
  3. Don C

    Replace Mallory distributor?

    Yes, that distributor will work on a 351C and a 429, 460, 351M and 400. It needs a separate coil. I would use one like this, made for the Duraspark...
  4. Don C

    Fixing a leaky automatic transmission

    I agree with Bentworker. Find out where it coming from before you start throwing parts at it. I also agree with you that the output shaft seal is a likely suspect. However, one other thing you may want to consider is the vacuum modulator, if it is bad you can be drawing transmission fluid into...
  5. Don C

    Replace Mallory distributor?

    I would go with a Ford DuraSpark distributor and ignition module. Both are easy to install and parts are readily available. A new Cardone distributor is available from either RockAuto or Summit for around $75
  6. Don C

    Steering wheels spring

    These views and parts lists should help you
  7. Don C

    Hunting a voltage leak

    Two more items that are easily overlooked that have voltage applied to them at all times are the emergency warning flasher and the brake light switch.
  8. Don C

    1971 power brakes

    The fitting on the brake line that runs from the master cylinder to the proportioning/distribution block should connect directly to the master cylinder, unless the master cylinder is not the correct one or the MC to distribution block lines are not correct. The disc and drum master cylinders...
  9. Don C

    I just installed yet another set of front seat belts.

    When I first started working on my Mustang I scrounged the salvage yards and never did find anything suitable. All of the retractors were way too big. A hot rodder/mechanic friend of mine recommended this place, Southern Hot Rods, many years ago, even before I bought my Mustang...
  10. Don C

    Should I adjust my wheel alignment after my tire swap?

    What tire pressure are you using? Too much pressure contributes to wandering caused by ruts, grooves, and ridges.
  11. Don C

    71-73 Mustang Printed Circuits Illustrations

    You're welcome. I see you have a '61 Studebaker. Nice, I had an aunt and uncle that would only own Studebakers, I guess that is where I learned to like them. The last one they had was a Lark.
  12. Don C

    C6 Transmission Shifter Linkage Leaking

    The C6 control linkage seal is an actual seal, not an O ring. The pan has to be dropped and a nut removed on the inside of the case. I modified an open end wrench to be able to remove it without dropping the valve body on a pickup I had many years ago. Here is what you'll be looking at, the...
  13. Don C

    Trying to explain away the stupid in a decision?

    As long as it spent most of its life in the southwest and wasn't imported to Laughlin from Michigan, rust shouldn't be a problem. The biggest problem there is interior sun damage, and it sounds like it has been taken care of. As long as it doesn't smoke you should be OK, it's old enough to be...
  14. Don C

    71-73 Mustang Printed Circuits Illustrations

    There's the Tutorial section of the forum, that has quite a lot of information. I think I'll also add this to it, might have been a better place to begin with.
  15. Don C


    Make sure your kickdown is properly adjusted. Make sure your vacuum modulator is connected and operational. After you get the engine warmed up and the choke is operational and open, shift the transmission into gear and adjust the idle speed. Make sure the timing is set correctly, make sure you...
  16. Don C


    The kit comes with Clevite, which I like, so will be using them. For the camshaft I'll be using the bearings from TMeyer.
  17. Don C


    UPS brought me some engine jewelry today: These came with the Scat stroker kit, nice looking stuff. The timing set is double roller from Rollmaster and has Torrington bearings on the thrust plate and the cam gear. Got one more shipment coming from Summit this Friday and next week I'll be taking...
  18. Don C

    Long time owner ...

    Welcome from Oregon. Looking forward to seeing pictures of your project and the scans of your research materials.
  19. Don C

    engine problem -smoke from exhaust!!!!

    With that mileage the valve stem seals (umbrellas) are likely disintegrated. Every time an exhaust valve closes the inertia of the exhaust gases creates a vacuum at the valve, and may be pulling oil into the exhaust port through the valve guide. As others have mentioned, checking spark plugs...
  20. Don C

    71-73 Mustang Printed Circuits Illustrations

    I just found an error, on the Without Gauges illustration, I did a black with light green stripe, should be with light green hashes. I'll correct it and repost it. Don EDIT: It has been corrected and reposted in the first post.