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  1. ponypastor

    Grabber Lime Update - Rear Wheelhouse Undercoating

    Looking forward to seeing that Grabber Lime on wheels for the first time! Well done!
  2. ponypastor

    Grabber Lime Restoration Update - Exhaust

    The best I've seen! Fantastic job! Better looking than new!
  3. ponypastor

    New Guy! (Mississippi Cruiser)

    Congrats. Looks to be in great shape. The 351-C 4v is good motor, plenty of power to spare! All the best in bringing it back to its factory glory.
  4. ponypastor

    Body Bushings

    Does anyone have a diagram or picture of the various locations where the body-bushings on the 1971 Mach 1 are located? Thanks for any help you can provide.
  5. ponypastor

    Before and After Glamour

    Well done! How many years did it take to bring it to completion?
  6. ponypastor

    Beverly Hills Gold Glow 72 Mach1 Q code

    This Gold-Glow, 1972 Mach 1, Q Code, 351-4v, 37,000 miles, one of my former ponies, is quite similar: but this one did have the 1/2 black vinyl top, along with Hurst 4-speed, Black deluxe interior, AC, etc.
  7. ponypastor

    Selling "Miss Donna" 8000 mile "barn-find" to fund my twenty other projects. Auction ends in three days.

    Your restorations are worth every penny you ask. No one better or takes it more seriously in the 71-73 business than you, Kevin. Perhaps, waiting for the right person who has an eye for quality work will spot your low-mileage pony and pull the trigger?
  8. ponypastor

    Mechanic Recommendations Pinellas/ Pasco County Fl

    I live in mid-Pinellas County. I have two classic Fords. 1979 Thunderbird, daily driver; and 1971 Mach 1 Mustang, 429 SCJ. Both my carburetors (Holley 750 in the Mach 1) were rebuilt by a specialist known to Tony at Will's Starter and Alternator Shop. Tony sent them out to be rebuilt and they...
  9. ponypastor

    Best Car Cover?

    Thanks for the question. I mis-spoke on the car cover for my 1971 Mach 1, which is stored indoors only. I use the one pictured from Much cheaper than Cover-craft versions. Easy to put on and take off. Keeps all dust off the car. Shields car from all moisture and water, but it is...
  10. ponypastor

    Best Car Cover?

    The type of cover you should use depends upon whether the car will be stored indoors or outdoors. I use a Motor-Trend car cover for my daily drover, a classic 1979 Ford Thunderbird, because, due to space limitations, it has to be stored outside. It is rainproof. Works well. I use a Covercraft...
  11. ponypastor

    Oil Drain Plug, 429 SCJ

    Went to NAPA and obtained a self-tapping, oversized 1/2 inch drain plug with washer. Worked perfectly. Was able to tighten up the self-tapping screw to torque specifications. Really tight. And saved all of the precious, Valvoline Racing Oil with zinc.
  12. ponypastor

    Oil Drain Plug, 429 SCJ

    The oil pan is original. But do not know the answer to your questions. Thanks for your reply, nonetheless.
  13. ponypastor

    Oil Drain Plug, 429 SCJ

    I have special ordered oil drain plugs for my 71 429 SCJ from Dorman and they do not fit with precision. Anyone find a source for these oil drain plugs that actually work well? Would appreciate the help. Thanks.
  14. ponypastor

    1971 Mach 1

    This is how my 71 429 SCJ looked when I bought it. Completely disassembled, sitting in pieces for years. But it was worth the extra effort to get it back on the road where it belongs. I drive it almost every day here in Florida.
  15. ponypastor

    New Member from Trinity Fla

    Welcome to the group. Good to have another member from Pinellas County, FL.
  16. ponypastor

    New ignition system with MSG on my 1971 J Code, 429 SCJ

    Installed a new ignition system with MSD distributor and coil on my 1971 J Code, 429 SCJ. You can hear the solid-lifters singing happily.
  17. ponypastor

    New Ignition installed on 429 SCJ.

    Just installed a new MSD Distributor, MSD Coil, wires and plugs, with Tach adapter. No more burning out the coil. One very happy-sounding 429 SCJ.
  18. ponypastor

    Electrinic Ignition options

    Very true. I tried to install the Petronix II on my 429 SCJ, but it did not fit due to the replacement distributor. Petronix only works with OEM equipment.
  19. ponypastor

    Coil for the 429 SCJ with 11.3 compression pistons

    My system is wired correctly as far as I can tell. It is the coil that usually begins to fail, not the points. Coil voltage is correct while running.
  20. ponypastor

    Coil for the 429 SCJ with 11.3 compression pistons

    My 429 SCJ was rebuilt with new, 11.3 compression pistons. So, my coil and points keep burning out rather quickly. I use a NAPA coil and points which also have failed. So, anyone out there face similar problems with their high compression pistons on their 429 CJ/SCJ? What coil do you use that...