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  1. RD-72

    Crazy New Popular Beverage from Down Under

    I have a dirty mind….love this
  2. RD-72

    Annual burning of the bird!

    Happy Thanksgiving, all
  3. RD-72

    Custom Tail Light Pics

    Those are SHARP…..I like em
  4. RD-72

    Time for Winter Slumber

    Still looks gorgeous in idaho! First snow storm up here in Alberta Canada Put car away for the winter on the weekend after one last drive. Things sure change in a hurry. :(
  5. RD-72

    73 Mach 1LED light upgrade

    I painted mine… its quite an easy process…so long as you are careful (key is the cardboard behind the needle…and having a steady hand)
  6. RD-72

    Tire Age

    A couple years ago I was driving out to a car show about an hour away (@ highway speed). I just wanted to show off a new paint job. Anyways, was floating all over the place, on the highway. When I arrived, i remembered that my car was parked for 28 or so years, So my tires were maybe 35 years...
  7. RD-72

    Turn signal issue

    I had my dash pad already removed when I pulled my instrument cluster. I think you might have to loosen the dash pad and lift it up a bit to get clearance to remove the cluster (upper left and right corners of cluster were buried behind the dash pad, on my the steering column creates...
  8. RD-72

    Turn signal issue

    If you are taking your Speedometer bezel out, you might want to consider installing LED bulbs (brightens your dash at night) or whatever the new technology is. I swapped out to led and my old eyes can now see and read the guages at night search the forum, as there is lots of info here that...
  9. RD-72

    Gas gage suddenly stopped working?

    A good YouTube video by mustang restorations inc. “Chris the doc ingrassis - fix those faulty classic car gauges” the video showas how to diagnose your problem (the demo is on an older mustang but the principal is still the same with our years) if all you other gauges are working properly, my...
  10. RD-72

    New Member Intro

  11. RD-72

    Window handle knobs

    A couple years ago, I had the exact same issue. At that time there were no alternatives, (that I was able to source) so unfortunately I ended up buying new repop handles that worked with those knobs. (They were flat holes instead of the cone type) I am not sure tho if someone makes them now
  12. RD-72

    Car flipper cautionary tale.

    It seems to me that all the online sales sites (I will pick on Epay, but no different for the other online timed auctions) are set up to make it easier for potentially unreputable sellers from hiding issues and/or committing a more substantial fraud. Over the years I have spent many hours...
  13. RD-72

    72 convertible in need of evrythng

    Just by way of reference, at the Las Vegas Barrett Jackson auction a couple weeks ago I seem to recall that there was a red 71-73 convertible that someone paid US$60,000
  14. RD-72

    72 convertible in need of evrythng

    Your car may have certain historic the looks of the holes in the floor, it is possible it used to be owned by Fred Flinstone or Barney Rubble... yabba dabba doooooo. :) Seriously though, lots of advice to be had on this site....every situation is different and the alternatives are...
  15. RD-72

    Mystery part..what is it?

    Looks very similar to a package tray (back deck) retainer to me (my 72 coupe has 2 that look like these one on each side .....hidden from view behind the upper back seat cushion liven this discussion up a little and have some fun...maybe it’s a “piston return spring” ....or maybe even...
  16. RD-72

    Receiver Hitch on 1973 Coupe

    if I recall it correctly, spike morelli (member) used to or still pulls drag boats behind his mustang. It might be worthwhile reaching out to him on your question (or searching his thread)
  17. RD-72

    71 Mustang Lower Door Hinge Spring Replacement?

    There is a west coast classic cougar (WCCC) YouTube video on replacing door hinges leaving the doors on the car. if I recall it correctly there is a special bent tool that is required with doors get around the corners I can’t answer about the springs interchangeable between sides, tho
  18. RD-72

    NPD Greed

    For what it’s philosophical view in my mind, we all have a choice to buy or not buy... if I think shipping or the price is too high, then I won‘t buy the product (I only look at the final cost to my door) Let’s assume for a second, that everyone (or more and more peeps) revolt and...
  19. RD-72

    Sequential LED tail lights

    If memory serves me right, “mrgmhale” (a member) has posted or has a youtube video on his sequential led taillights. a few years ago, I bought a set that needs a separate power source for it to run (but I haven’t gotten around to installing it yet). i understand that there is a newer...
  20. RD-72

    New Member

    Welcome, from Calgary, canada