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  1. jpaz

    Wanting an Overdrive Gear for my 73 Mach 1

    Ok so I was definitely wrong. I didn’t know that they all were had the same bellhousing pattern. My apologies to CarNPlaneNut.
  2. jpaz

    Wanting an Overdrive Gear for my 73 Mach 1

    How does your mechanic think a transmission from a 66 will bolt up to an engine that hadn’t been made yet? I don’t think that’ll work. He thinks a transmission for a 289 will be proper for a totally different car? I think your mechanic doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Sorry, no disrespect...
  3. jpaz

    New member!

    Hello and Welcome from Michigan. I live just north of Utica....Michigan though. Great looking car to bring back.
  4. jpaz

    1973 Mach 1

    Hello and Welcome from Michigan. Great looking car!
  5. jpaz

    What headers are people using?

    Same Hooker headers as Chuck and Hemikiller. I have a C6 trans and no issues with them fitting.
  6. jpaz

    Hi everyone!

    Hello and Welcome from Michigan.
  7. jpaz

    Slowest resto ever - Project AmsterFoose / Current subject: The roof

    Congratulations on getting the metal work done, looks great!
  8. jpaz

    351 2v to 4v conversation

    I have a 72 Q code mach1. I changed the heads to the 71 quench heads with a Blue Thunder intake and a 735 cfm vacuum secondary Quick Fuel carb. 350 gears and a True Trac Posi. C6 auto with a 2800 stall converter and it runs great! It has a Crower flat tappet cam and hydraulic lifters with Crane...
  9. jpaz

    Low fuel pressure (EFI) - bad pump, bad plumbing or ?

    I’ve been using this for a few years now. No problems and you can clean the screen.
  10. jpaz

    MCA 2023 Grand National, Melbourne, FL 9/8-9/10/23

    Very, very sweet! Just amazing what you’ve done.
  11. jpaz

    Long time owner ...

    Hello and Welcome from Michigan.
  12. jpaz

    Turn signal issue

    I can reach my arm up to it from under the dash, but you need to be kinda skinny to get to it. It might just need a good wack on top of the dash, could just be a bit loose.
  13. jpaz

    Sway Bar Bushings

    Try Addco for the sway bar bushings, they will have what you need. I think the 7/8” would be correct.
  14. jpaz

    Carrying on a tradition.

    Hey Heather, it’s about time you joined this site! Lol. Glad you did cause your story that goes along with the car your grandpa left to you is priceless! I haven’t been to any shows this year except for the Dream Cruise, not even one Monday night show. Hopefully I’ll be able to get to one before...
  15. jpaz

    What did you do today instead of working on your Mustang?

    Installed stainless steel gutter guards on our cottage in Northern Michigan.
  16. jpaz

    Roll up windows

    Thanks so much!
  17. jpaz

    The difference between Stang and Vette owner brains!

    More money than brains!
  18. jpaz

    Roll up windows

  19. jpaz

    Roll up windows

    I converted my Mach1 to roll up/down windows too. I went by the tutorial that Flatback72 made and it was not to difficult at all. It really makes the car look good!
  20. jpaz

    New Member Intro

    Hello and Welcome from Michigan. Very sweet looking ride!