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    Wimbledon White? Creamy?

    Your car looks like it is coming along nicely.   You probably know this already but here a reminder that the rear underside of the hood near where the wipers disappear is painted black on lighter color cars.  I have a pic somewhere from my original paint car that I'll post if I can find it.
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    How to compression test the engine

    When performing compression tests, it's imperative that the tests be done with: -A fully charged and properly rated cranking battery -Engine warmed up to Operating Temperature if possible (Test can be performed on a cold engine as well, I prefer the warmed up engine method) -All Spark Plugs...
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    New 73 Convertible

    Yeah, me too. I had been logging in every couple of months or so. Welcome back
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    Popping in to say Hello

    Hi Mike, I should be headed your way in a couple of months or so. Possibly a couple or 3 times over the next year. Hey Roy! Haven't seen you if a while either. I hope all is well. How'd that 70? model turn out you were working on?
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    Man that is tough news. May he rest in peace.
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    Sound off if you have a convertible

    My favorite thread on here...lot's of beautiful verts!
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    Hello from Japan

    Welcome from Alabama. I love visiting your country and have been there 4 times. Beautiful place.
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    Hello from TN

    Wrlcome from coastal Alabama. I grew up in Bristol, TN.
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    G'Day from Australia

    Welcome from coastal Alabama. One of my Mach 1s made the journey and now resides in Adelaide. Member JamesS bought and shipped it.
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    Space saver spare

    Good job at passing along some exya parts. I'm not sure about the srcond one but the first one looks like a Mopar spacesaver since it has the extra doodad on the inflator valve. Tge mustang ones don't have that...just a straight rubber valve. You might be able to post the one on ebay with all...
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    Pic Count to a Million!

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    Misc 71-73 Parts For Sale!

    Some nice goodies you've got there.
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    New owner in uk

    Beautiful! Welcome from coastal Alabama!
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    Santa was good to me!

    Cool gifts. That clock is rspecially nice.
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    Totalled's rebuild thread

    I still cannot believe Pat is gone. :(
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    1971 Mach 1 parts

    Um welcome..
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    The Amazing 351C 4V

    Spike and Mike, Thanks for your real world input. Somehow I missed seeing both of those posts until today.
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    1971 Mach 1 with original paint on SF Craigslist

    That is a nice find and good looking car. Well worth the asking price imho.