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    Need help with water leak

    I have a 73 Mach 1. A few years ago I had it painted and the painter talked me into painting the drip rails over the window. He removed the rails to paint and I have had water leaking inside the back area on both sides ever since. I removed the trim and rails to install weather sealer tape but...
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    Parts Wanted Fold Down Rear Seat Assembly

    I’m looking for a complete fold down rear seat assembly for my 73 Mach 1. Please call or text as I don’t have time right now to visit the forum everyday. Thanks, Mike Rowland in North Carolina 704-516-8033
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    Parts For Sale 351 Cleveland Strip Dominator Intake

    Slightly ported Holley Strip Dominator Intake for sale. Also has been drilled and tapped for Nitrous but currently is plugged off.Everyone already knows how awesome these intakes are and I doubt there is a stronger performer above 5,000 or 6,000 RPMs that will fit under stock hood. Not saying...
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    Parts For Sale Cobra Jet 429 Tri Power Intake

    Could not get the carb pictures posted with ad
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    Parts For Sale Cobra Jet 429 Tri Power Intake

    For sale is a New Ford Prototype 429 Cobra 🐍 Jet Intake for 3x2s. Guys, I’m 68 years old and bought this Intake about 4 or 5 years ago and had Never seen one before and didn’t even know these were ever made. Thought someone might like to have this. I had hoped to find a nice Big Block Car to...
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    Parts For Sale A3 SVO Heads

    I have a pair of New Old Stock A3 Motorsport Aluminum Cleveland Combustion Chamber Heads for sale with a New Single Plane Intake for the A3 Heads. With lower performance heads like Trick Flow and others that are pretty much a 2bbl Head costing close to $3,500 or more and no availability I think...
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    Engines for Sale Time to Clear Out Some Parts

    Time to sell some of my Ford Engine Parts. Will Separate. I have several Mustang Projects that need working on so I am going to offer some of my oldest treasures up for sale. Not saying you have to buy all but buying as a bundle will be the best deal to those who might be interested. I am...
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    429 CJ heads

    Hello,  this is Mike. I never did hear back from you. Did you sell the CJ Heads? Give me a call. I can add some $$$  to some of the parts you wanted for the Boss 351. Mike. 704-516-8033
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    1970 Mach 1 for sale

    how to upload images to the internet I recently purchased a 1970 Mach 1 to Resale. The Sale Price is, $15,000.00. The floors in the car are original and after inspection only found a small rust through under driver side where the fuel line crosses the floor pan. The Rust area is about the...