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    What's a good battery replacement for a Mach1

    I tried to get the top Motorcraft 24F battery this past summer, but two local Ford dealer parts departments could not get it in stock. I saw it available online but it could not be shipped. So I bought the Everstart Maxx 24F 36 month non-AGM battery. My '71 has the J-code 429 which would have...
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    What's a good battery replacement for a Mach1

    Here's another vote for the Everstart MAXX 24F. Picked one up over the summer for my '71. Been using Everstart MAXX batteries in our daily drivers for many years. Made by East Penn Manufacturing / Deka Batteries, where my neighbor works. At least this is in the eastern PA. Not sure, WM...
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    New member!

    Welcome from eastern PA! Was your car stored in dry conditions in order to preserve the floorpan and undercarriage, if you have had a chance to check yet? Not much to go on, but it looks pretty solid in the pic without obvious external rust. Mice are going to generally get in during long...
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    Time for Winter Slumber

    Love those as well- I was a Pontiac guy for many years. The 301 Turbo is a bit under-powered for that weight (3.08 rear didn't help), but visually it is a great car and the handling is quite good. Had a '79 TA WS6 with the 400 Pontiac / 4 speed combo back in '83 which had some punch to it.
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    Time for Winter Slumber

    I've been watching the weather more often in AZ since my niece is on the ASU girls volleyball team. After she moved to her dorm she was bummed that her bike was stolen. I thought, who the heck is riding a bike when it's 112 outside?? heh
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    Another Sprint sportsroof on the road

    Really like the Spring package. I believe it was a Mustang Sprint Matchbox or Hot Wheels car in the early 70's that originally turned me on to this body style. It is likely still at my parent's house in a closet in the rec room all these years.
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    Dead Battery

    Even though batteries nowadays have higher CCA's, IMO they are not made as robustly as they were a number of years ago. I read more often of batteries working and then boom completely dead, even on forums for other makes of vehicles. In more modern vehicles various electronic modules might not...
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    1950's Ameeerica ... why so appealing?

    Great job remembering long distance calls! I recall how special it was to be told you have a long distance call, and you had to practically run across the room and dive for the phone. heh I was born in '63, almost 60 now. So I had many of the experiences described here. Out on the bike all...
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    Stumped- Can't Figure out Why Car Won't Run...

    What is the best place to purchase a Halon fire extinguisher? I know, Google is my friend. ;) Is it ok to keep it in a garage that can go from 45-ish in the dead of winter to 95 in summer? Those would be the extremes, and for most of the year it's not too bad in the garage.
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    ASAP: Needing a fab shop between Columbia, SC and Rockingham, NC

    Glad you were able to get operational again pretty quickly. Did you happen to see Emily Compagno run a 13.5 in her '72 Mach 1? The one with flames on the sides. :) She said she was taking part in the HR power tour.
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    Reinstall A/C System?

    I have to say these original Ford AC systems worked very well. Not sure if being a convertible would make it harder for the system to keep up if it is hot and sunny outside. Back in the late 1970's a friend of mine drove his dad's '73 Mercury Montego, 351-2V and factory AC. That AC unit could...
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    1973 Mach 1 H-code Question

    Carb, intake, and rear gear upgrades should put you in range of what you had before, more or less. Remember, many new cars now are pretty quick compared to most 60's and 70's cars. Honda, Hyundai, Toyota, various minivans can cause a lot of trouble when fooling around on the road. I have a...
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    Hey folks, 1972 Mach 1 barn find here.

    Congrats! So you're probably pretty certain after all that time the gas tank and fuel lines will need to be cleaned out or replaced. I came from the Pontiac camp originally. Always liked the '71 - '73 Mustang body style from a young age. Also wouldn't mind a late 1960's Road Runner or GTX...
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    What Do To On Your Vacation...

    It's amazing that you found multiple good examples of A pillar trim that hasn't disintegrated out in the elements. I did spot that Javelin. Have a soft spot for those in general. Had a boss decades ago who had a '68 he was driving / restoring.
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    Parts Wanted Steel rims with hubcaps and beauty rings

    Speaking of the scarcity of original wheels and hubcaps, what always amazes me is the amount of original air cleaner assemblies I see on pics of these cars now. When I was a teenager this is one of the first things we chucked and replaced with a chrome Moroso etc. air cleaner. And when the...
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    How do you total a Sprint in restoration?

    What ever happened to David / Carolina MM- last seen online Nov. 2021. (apologies for the threadjack)
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    TurboStart 27F battery?

    My '71 Mach 1 429 CJ-R is in need of a replacement battery. I was just going to get a 24F or 27F EverStart Maxx at Walmart down the road from my house. Have used that brand in other daily drivers and they work out well. Also have AutoZone and others in that vicinity. However these...
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    reinstall a/c or save parts and leave out.

    I'm in eastern PA and it can get brutally hot and humid here all the way through September. We have already had four 85 degree days in April, not humid this early though, but those were oddball weather days and it's back to the high 50's for the time being. JMHO of course, but I'd have the AC...
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    Ram Air vacuum actuators

    I don't believe there are repops of these available anywhere. There are threads which show how to open them, replace the rubber inside from another currently available part, and then close them up again. Mine are not connected to vacuum and are presumably bad, and my ram air flappers are just...
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    Over nine years I had three 71-72 Mustangs, two boss 71s, one each 351&429, and a 72 351-HO.

    The port might have been at Bayonne NJ. I followed a friend there in the early 1980's. He was in the army and taking a motorcycle to ship overseas to Germany. I had a '79 Trans Am with 400 / 4 speed. Well we hit a soaking rainstorm on the highway but he held on with the bike. ha It was...