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  1. lectricegg

    Garage storage during the East Coast Winter questions?

    Michigan winters here. I do the oil change, full tank of fuel with Stabil, I over inflate the tires to around 40 psi, pull the battery and put it on a tender. I put the car cover on then put it in a zippered bag with some dessicant cans inside. I use a Car Jacket brand bag. The car comes out...
  2. lectricegg

    Something actually went right today!

    I would try to open the 73 with a small screwdriver. A previous owner could have removed the tumblers. I had a buddy who did that to his ignition.
  3. lectricegg

    Rebuild Update

    I was lucky I guess. I only waited a month to get mine in the shop. Front suspension, rear spring bushings, water pump, carb rebuild, and a power steering leak. I can't wait to get the bill.
  4. lectricegg

    Tires-what could go wrong...

    I just replaced my tires also. When I went to the shop and they checked, I had tires from 25 to over 30 years old, and they still looked great. I was driving it on the freeway, too. I don't even want to think about blowing a tire at 65 or 70 mph in that car. I felt so much better having new...
  5. lectricegg

    73 convertible top problem

    Your print shows a second circuit breaker integral with the pump motor. I think that is an overtemp switch. It doesnt sound like the top was running long enough to get the motor hot enough to trip that switch, but it would be good to feel the motor to see if it is getting hot.
  6. lectricegg

    Has anyone tried to use a camera snake

    I heard this tip years ago: "To identify the amount of wear in a timing chain, begin by removing all of the spark plugs and the distributor cap. With a wrench on the harmonic balancer bolt, turn the crankshaft at least two complete revolutions backward of rotation to remove any slack from the...
  7. lectricegg

    73 H code Convertible Build

    I believe that wire is for the solenoid operated seat back latch release when you open the door.
  8. lectricegg

    Magnum 500 center cap rant

    I had used the Scott Drake caps on mine, and even though I didnt hsve the problem with them hitting the grease caps, the machining for the threads was less quality than it should have been. I had caps flying off at highway speed. Thankfully they didnt hit the paint. They were just missing...
  9. lectricegg

    73 console, decent shape

    I am interested in the air ducts. Did you have a price in mind for them?
  10. lectricegg

    Down the "more power is always better" rabbit hole?

    IMHO, which isn't worth much, what do we need all that power for. I sure hate to see it on the street. It just doesnt belong there. I do enjoy seeing it on the track. I have grandkids that will play near the neighbohood street, and i am always telling them not to go out there, but kids will...
  11. lectricegg

    Center console shifter section restoration

    If you are interested in having it refurbished, one of the companies that does the vacuum metalizing is Vacuum Orna-Metal in Michigan. Here is there web site: I had my Dash parts refurbished by them. It was just a little cheaper than buying a replacement.
  12. lectricegg

    Starting car

    I had an old mechanic tell me to use carb cleaner spray, like Gumout. It has a component designed to burn and will start most engines, without the damage that starting spray can cause. I have started small engines with it, but have not tried it on car engines.
  13. lectricegg

    Do you have a favorite car song or does your car have a theme song?

    Because I told my wife I bought the car for her, "Mustang Sally" by Wilson Pickett.
  14. lectricegg

    She supported my car hobby, kind of...

    So sorry for your loss. Mike
  15. lectricegg

    Parts info needed

    It looks like the same thing from Amazon.
  16. lectricegg

    Ford assembly plant video 1972?

    It was a fascinating place to work. When I was working there, I started with the Mustang II, and stayed there through the Fox bodied Mustangs. I had a wonderful career in the Rouge.
  17. lectricegg

    Best Oil

    Thanks for that. I think I will start checking the coolant.
  18. lectricegg

    Best Oil

    I have another can of worms to open on oil. If you store your car over winter, do you change the oil in the fall before storage or in the spring when you get it ready to run? I always felt fall was better so the old oil, which I was told was acidic, didnt sit all winter long on the engine...
  19. lectricegg

    Insurance lessons learned

    I have Auto Owners Insurance. I know they dont operate in every state. They have been great when I had a neighbors tree blow down on my garage. Thankfully the cars were not damaged. A lot of my tools were starting to rust from the rain that came in through the roof. They replaced everything...