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  1. Lazarus

    One of my cars made it into a movie!

    Man that car is beautiful. I love copper on cars and trucks.
  2. Lazarus


    Glad to hear it my friend. Can’t wait to see the sportsroof!
  3. Lazarus


    Honestly sorry to hear about your troubles brother. My wife has come to grudgingly accept my love of old cars, but there was a time it was a big point of contention. That said… One of the reasons I am loathe to give marital advice is because one never really knows all the details that go on in...
  4. Lazarus

    73 Grill

    Do you currently have the polished aluminum headlight “doors”, or the ones that are mostly black? Either way, painting those fully black would go a long way. Assuming you have the large original big bumper on the front, you will need to keep the turn signals on the grille because you can’t have...
  5. Lazarus

    72 convertible in need of evrythng

    No need to beat yourself up about it brother. I bet most folks on here have a story about jumping the gun on a car. It happens all the time. There are ups and downs and disappointments with finding these cars so it’s easy to do. It’s sorta like “buck fever” in hunting. The experience should...
  6. Lazarus

    72 convertible in need of evrythng

    I hesitated to reply here because everyone has different motivations in car restoration. Often folks will spend a high amount of money (compared to the ultimate value of the model when restored) to bring back a car of sentimental value (their high school car, their father’s car, etc.) and I...
  7. Lazarus

    Interesting Cougar Sportsroof

    I think that is really well done in both design and execution. It’s funny that I am not a huge fan of that color per se, but the use of a distinctive color of the era makes the build seem more original and seamless.
  8. Lazarus

    Horse Force car on

    I am game for the wide-body treatment but those modifications mean they should have really eliminated the speedline down the side… or have it trail off. As it is when you look down the car the line snakes and is a mess. Can’t get on board with the side-pipes either, but still there is some cool...
  9. Lazarus

    RIBS 71 convertible build JUNE 21 till??

    Happy for you but sad to see the thread end. Always looked forward to the updates. Well done man!
  10. Lazarus

    She supported my car hobby, kind of...

    I am saddened to hear of the tragic loss of Joanne, your beloved wife and friend, who was such a blessing to you. You and your loved ones will be in my prayers during this time (2 Corinthians 1:3-5). God bless, my friend.
  11. Lazarus

    New to me 73 Conv H code

    Welcome from NC. That’s a cool ride and I agree that the black top is probably the way to go with the white paint job.
  12. Lazarus

    NPD Greed

    Just my opinion, but I would just make sure that in doing any comparisons we stay apples-to-apples. It’s true that often one can get a cheaper rate if looking simply at shipping cost from a carrier’s location, once you have cushioned it and boxed it up, then drove to their location at your own...
  13. Lazarus

    New Member from Columbus

    Welcome from North Carolina! Looks like a great car, brother.
  14. Lazarus

    Installing a NASA scoop fiberglass hood w/functional RAM air

    Congratulations. Looks great; you should be very pleased with that appearance. I am very happy for you to have success after quite an endeavor to get to this point. How does it feel to open and close?
  15. Lazarus

    71 is back from paint.

    Excellent and unique color choice, brother. Looks great; can’t wait to see it assembled.
  16. Lazarus

    New member

    Beautiful vert! Welcome from NC.
  17. Lazarus

    Chrome front bumper

    I have a spare front chrome (repro) and a 71 urethane and can weigh them each but I don’t think it’s going to matter a ton. Like you could save as much weight by eating a lighter lunch before you go to the track I bet. The 73 bumper on the other hand is much heavier.
  18. Lazarus

    Chrome front bumper

    Yeah I swapped in a 71/72 grille on my 73, but I am also going to paint under the crease of the bumper. Here is my (sorry it’s so filthy from shop dust and pollen) 73 after a bunch of work at a buddy’s in SC. I am using some black masking tape to plan out how I am going to paint the lower half...
  19. Lazarus

    New Member

    Welcome from NC! Beautiful ride brother.
  20. Lazarus

    Chrome front bumper

    Thanks brother. I didn’t think I was a convertible guy either but feel like the 71-73 has a great range of possibilities. In my opinion one of these verts can be a very classy convertible - like you’d drive the mayor in at a parade or something (say with flat hood, level stance, chrome strips...