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  1. ib4stangs

    It's baaaaccckkkkk!

    From the eBay listing, "Located in: New Baltimore, Michigan, United States"
  2. ib4stangs

    It's baaaaccckkkkk!

    Kevin, remember his last Barnfinds post to you? Patsrarerides Sep 3, 2023 at 9:40pm With all due respect- you are a jokester. Please educate yourself. I will take the “10 seconds” for serious buyers. Not you clown.
  3. ib4stangs

    Something actually went right today!

    When junkyard roaming, I've used a dipstick to open the latch from the inside back seat... BTW, a old-timer showed me that hack 50 years ago and now I'm the old-timer passing it on again!
  4. ib4stangs

    It's baaaaccckkkkk!

    Beats me, that's a gray area I live in MD... but I'll bet that the potential lawsuit costs (if the swap was not disclosed) would outweigh any profit on the sale. The original vin was in dispute and now probably in a database. I'd bite the bullet and part it out because I won't clip a car or...
  5. ib4stangs

    It's baaaaccckkkkk!

    I'm sure you've found titling is very easy in some, very tough in others, so there are big titling differences between states... The NY State Police wanted them into their possession and didn't play around. He is actually a member here and posted this a few years ago... "Anyway, they accused...
  6. ib4stangs

    It's baaaaccckkkkk!

    The problem the next buyer faces is that he will stuck owning a rebody with 2 vin #'s. Current "J" code on dash and the 2 original stamps on shock towers (unless they were destroyed or swapped out which is illegal). There are panel build date stamping codes and original paint left somewhere on...
  7. ib4stangs

    Introduction and looking for my dad's 1971 Mach 1

    Welcome...and do post the serial# here in case the current owner Googles it, finds this site and reads that story. Did you tell Marti Autoworks you're searching for it and ask if someone ever requested a vin report? You are not the first person to search for a long-lost family car and won't...
  8. ib4stangs

    Do I save it? 71 vert 351-4v ramair

    Well...if you decide to save it and need a donor car, here's a $500 body on Craigslist in PA.
  9. ib4stangs

    It's baaaaccckkkkk!

    It's $26K now with 5 days to go so a lowball will be ignored. Since none were posted, I asked for trunk photos a few auctions ago and never got a response. Was thinking some overspray might show the original color...
  10. ib4stangs

    It's baaaaccckkkkk!

    This is his 5th time selling it after 4 - eBay "winners" walked away. I don't understand how he keeps 100% positive feedback...
  11. ib4stangs

    What the heck is this??

    It does look like a graphite type material. :unsure: What does the "rebuilder" have to say about it? You might want to just try it again and see if that crap returns...
  12. ib4stangs

    Floor pan pains!! Costs

    I use a Sawzall and cut 275 gal. oil tanks into 3 sections. You can drain sludge/oil from the ends using a drip pan and then carry them away (including up a staircase). A Roth 28" wide replacement tank is an option... *USE EAR PLUGS...
  13. ib4stangs

    Interesting $10.50, 1973 slotted wheel auction

    Can't beat the price or the interesting backstory in the description of this wheel...
  14. ib4stangs

    NPD Catalog Cover Car
  15. ib4stangs

    Long Time coming 1973 Mach1 restomod

    Your knowledge and skill level of body and metal work looks pretty impressive from my computer. (y) What are you treating the rust with and what type of paint are you using? Those same areas are what most 71-73 Mustang owners have done or will have to do at some point...
  16. ib4stangs

    Did you know...

    I'm not shocked at anything he says...⚡
  17. ib4stangs

    Vehicles Wanted Wanted Light Pewter or Calypso Coral 71 Boss 351 or Mach 1 with 429

    Since you're in Texas, have you ever spoken to Finley Ledbetter at Blue Oval Car Barn? He would be someone that probably knows where one like you want is. Whether or not he would tell you... is another thing:unsure:
  18. ib4stangs

    Parts For Sale Front / rear sway bars

    I removed these from a 72 Mustang parts car 20+ years ago and never used them. Front is 1" diameter and rear is .840 diameter. Lost any attaching hardware not seen in photos but is probably available online. Unknown manufacturer but fit well as I remember. Want $100 for both + shipping or can...