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  1. mjlan

    429 Fan Shroud

  2. mjlan

    Installation of 429/460 Hooker headers

    I don't recall specifically, but try hanging the front section by the front bolt only while trying to assemble the two rear pipes. I pulled the starter out to give myself more wiggle room. I don't want to scare you but mine leaked like crazy at the slip joints. I had to pull them back apart and...
  3. mjlan

    Will the 429/460 BB's fit the 71-73 Mustangs?

    For the 1971 model year the 429 was installed on the assembly line by Ford
  4. mjlan

    The correct bracket for throttle and kick down cables to Holley 0-80458SA?

    What engine and intake manifold are you using?
  5. mjlan

    Original 1971 429 Cobra Jet engine........should be reunited with the original chassis!!

    You are right, messed that theory up! I've also heard that special was early production. It could be that it was pre-release or PPAP work that would have been scrapped if there were issues but used if they were good.
  6. mjlan

    71 Mach1(Trans Am) 2" nose drop

    Thanks for sharing your project. Have you scaled it yet to see how your weight distribution is looking? Maybe that would justify moving the oil tank to a more user-friendly location...
  7. mjlan

    Quick question. Where to connect power lead for radio to come on with key in "accessory position?"

    Whoever had my 71 before me 'fixed' the wiring. Tracking down electrical gremlins is not high on my fun-to-do list. Glad your issue was relatively straight forward to address!
  8. mjlan

    Crank no Start

    The points can't tolerate battery voltage for extended periods of time so when the key is in 'run' the coil is powered through a resistor wire to lower the ignition primary voltage. There should be a plug on the 'S' post of the solenoid- this 'S' post is energized when the solenoid is closed and...
  9. mjlan

    Crank no Start

    So the starter motor spins the engine fine it just won't fire and start running? Are you getting any cylinders to fire? If yes are they maybe sneezing out of the carb or popping into the exhaust? When you say "it shut off," do you mean the engine stalled on its own, or was the ignition turned off?
  10. mjlan

    429 CJ 4 spd drive shaft length

    Mike (Motorcity Mustang) is by the airport and has a bunch of 429 cars, he may have a spare 4-spd driveshaft...
  11. mjlan

    Stumped- Can't Figure out Why Car Won't Run...

    Well, I have finally got this running again. I had three issues- 1) failing starter that was drawing WAY too much juice, 2) battery with dead cell that would show 12.7V but drop to 9.x when cranking. Maybe killed by the starter. I didn't notice the low voltage during cranking until I happened...
  12. mjlan

    Vehicles For Sale 1972 Mach 1 Project Car FS

    Yessir still have this car! Thanks! -Matt
  13. mjlan

    Modern 10 Speed in a 73 Mach 1

    So you want an automatic OD trans instead of a manual OD trans? The newer auto will require extensive electronics, you would need a standalone controller (or if your 427W is EFI something integrated with that), not sure if anybody makes one or not. Seems like a lot of work but somebody has...
  14. mjlan

    Stumped- Can't Figure out Why Car Won't Run...

    I am pretty confident I had the timing close but using the plug to verify is a good trick. Thanks!
  15. mjlan

    Stumped- Can't Figure out Why Car Won't Run...

    I drove my car into my garage in the fall of '21 after getting it running and driving with a new-to-the-car 460/ C-6 combination. The engine was out of a different car so it had a T-sump road race pan on it, and there was some significant contact with the Hooker headers that was kind of solved...
  16. mjlan

    Number of owners before me

    That's neat information to have!
  17. mjlan

    Potential bad fuel pump?

    This is a Holley 750 vacuum secondary carb, the arrows point to the float adjustment screws/ nuts. Under them is a needle and seat that admit fuel to the bowl when the float level drops an pulls the needle off of its seat. As Hemikiller suggests, if you have no fuel spraying from the squirter...
  18. mjlan

    Vehicles For Sale 1972 Mach 1 Project Car FS

    I have a title but not in my name, never got around to transferring it.
  19. mjlan

    Vehicles For Sale 1972 Mach 1 Project Car FS

    Yeah, it wasn't easy to find, my bad. I am flexible to some degree on that number as well.....
  20. mjlan

    Leaky front crank seal.

    Just confirming so don't get offended- you are pulling a vacuum on the crankcase right?