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    Mechanic recommendations Charlotte, NC

    Sorry, just saw this one. Do you still looking for a good mechanic in the Charlotte area??
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    Parts Wanted 71 Rear defrost glass

    Close to the end of my 71 fastback rebuild still searching for a rear defroster glass have all the wiring switches etc. I just need glass in good condition. Live in Charlotte North Carolina would like a reasonable driving distance.
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    ISO rear window with defrost

    Still looking for a 71 Fastback rear window defrost. Have everything but the glass but will consider a complete set-up if necessary. Looking something within driving distance of Charlotte, North Carolina.
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    Parts For Sale Parts galore. Looking to clean out

    Need the glass for Fastback. Thank you.
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    Parts For Sale Parts galore. Looking to clean out

    What’s included in the rear defrost set up it is that for a Fastback or a coupe
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    ISO rear window with defrost

    Thank you. I will keep you in mind if I can’t find something a little closer.
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    ISO rear window with defrost

    Have a 71 that came with rear window defrost. At some point previous owner replaced rear window with plain window. Looking for replacement. Live in Charlotte NC area. Anybody got one they will part within reasonable driving distance?
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    Parts For Sale 71-73 interior, exterior and chassis/ under hood parts

    Merry Christmas. Any chance you still have the rear quarter panel ashtrays? Is it a complete set?
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    Dash wiring

    Just sat down to send you an email with that very question. Wish I would have checked the thread before going to sleep. Would have saved me a couple of hours staring at the ceiling. Thank you sir. Great resource for us novices.
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    Dash wiring

    Thank you sir. Had Rocketman convert my tach so have a jumper on those leads. Replacing the ignition switch (electric part not key part). New connector has 7 pins - old harness has 6 wires/pins. Any suggestions?
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    Dash wiring

    Good afternoon - Am in the process of completely rebuild my 71 Mach 1. This one has all the accessories (power windows, rear defrost, AC, gauge package typical in Mach 1). Getting the car ready for paint. Already been blasted and Epoxy primed and undercoated. All running gear and engine...
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    Starter relay wiring - Junction Block

    Need some visual help. Have a 71 Mach 1 project car that I did not take apart. Putting back together and have all the books and diagrams for wiring but just can't seem to figure this one out. The car has all the accessories - heated rear window, power windows and the separate Mach 1 gauges in...
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    Rear window defrost glass, switch, and parts

    Do you still have a set available for sale? I'm located in Charlotte -
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    Pitman Arm Install

    1971 Mach 1 with Power Steering. Am installing a new Pitman Arm on a new Power Steering box. Have centered, cleaned and checked the splines on both the pitman arm and the power steering but the arm will only go onto the spline about half-way. Even when using a 1/2 drive on the nut. Is the...