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  1. ROCKET70

    New Member in Seattle

    Nice car! Love the color! The now and then picture is great and in the exact same spot. Enjoy driving and playing with your Mustang a lot of memories there.
  2. ROCKET70

    Mustang vs the Other Guys Production #'s

    My brother has a 72 Torino Q code 4 speed with air. Rare vehicle with air. I sold it to him 20 years ago brought it up from Colorado all original tired paint and interior but drives great.
  3. ROCKET70

    Tires-what could go wrong...

    I have Cooper Cobras on my 73 Mustang and the handling and ride are great.
  4. ROCKET70

    Valve clatter under acceleration

    First thing change the oil.
  5. ROCKET70

    on the down hill stretch. 1971 Grande

    Great looking Grande! looking forward to seeing the finished car. Love the looks of a Grande!
  6. ROCKET70

    Old pics of the one I wish I still had 😢

    One I wish I kept 69 Mach 1 SCJ California survivor with 33000 miles sold it 16 years ago.
  7. ROCKET70

    New member just acquired 73 Mustang Grande

    Wow super clean Grande! ENJOY!
  8. ROCKET70

    CJ or 4V

    My Grande has a chrome air cleaner and was build early Dec 72. This picture is when I purchased it in 2021 had been sitting since 1979 with 14000 miles all original except oil filter and battery
  9. ROCKET70

    Grande Pics

    I really like the stripes, nice car drive it and enjoy!
  10. ROCKET70

    Carb problem frustration level 10/10

    That's one to remember if it happens to someone else. Glad you got it fixed.
  11. ROCKET70

    What did you do to your car today?

    I took my 2016 Mustang GT convertible for a 130km cruise through Niagara Falls and Parkway. It was record breaking weather 28 Celcius.
  12. ROCKET70

    Best Oil

    97 T-Bird has roller lifters doesn't need the zinc. But that is a long way to go with no sludge. Just shows it is better to pay more for good oil.
  13. ROCKET70

    Personalized Plates Lets see how may different one are out there.

    It's not a Mustang but the only personalized plates I have.
  14. ROCKET70

    Best Oil

    Oil back in the 70s use to have around 1500 ppm zinc
  15. ROCKET70

    Best Oil

    I emailed Shell technical department and they told me that Rotella triple protection oil has 1100-1200 ppm zinc.
  16. ROCKET70

    Best Oil

    I run Castrol 10W40 and add Lucas break in additive about 3 oz 10W40 is what has been run in it since new. The rest of my cars I've run Shell Rotella 15W40 for over 30 years never had a problem.
  17. ROCKET70

    Carb problem frustration level 10/10

    Did you remove the fuel filter before the fuel pump? I also had a friend with a 64 pontiac and he would drive the vehicle about 5 miles and it would die would have to waiit about 20 minutes and it would be good for about another 5 miles. He put in a new distributor, carb, plugs and wires. When I...
  18. ROCKET70

    Carb problem frustration level 10/10

    Years ago I ran into that problem and it was the fuel filter before the fuel pump I removed it and it ran fine. Just a thought!
  19. ROCKET70

    New Member

    Welcome from Southern Ontario. Enjoy your Mustang!
  20. ROCKET70

    New member

    Welcome from Southern Ontario. Love your Mustang!