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  1. Trevynd

    Hello from Dallas Texas with my 73 Mach 1 Work in Progress...

    Just went to the Alamo yesterday and did the river walk as well. Beautiful place
  2. Trevynd

    Hello from Dallas Texas with my 73 Mach 1 Work in Progress...

    Love it! I was just in the Fort Worth area today and stopped by the blue oval car barn. I’m from Alaska but with family in New Braunfels. I plan on coming up yearly and visiting so hopefully I can meet more people around TX. Enjoy the car!
  3. Trevynd

    Blue Oval Car Barn visit

    What a great collection. Loved spending time there even though it was short. Talk about a wealth of knowledge and of course cars and parts. Have you been?
  4. Trevynd

    Headed to Texas

    Hey guys! I know I haven’t been super active, mainly because the car is tucked away in storage and we just got our first big snowfall. I am headed to New Braunfels TX Early through Mid November. Figured I’d see if anyone was in that neck of the woods and maybe meet up for coffee or beer. I...
  5. Trevynd


    Hey guys! What’s everyone’s go to process for winterizing? My car will be under a car cover inside a shelter logic storage pop up garage. So it will be outside as far as temps go up here in Alaska. Just added some fuel stabilizer to the tank and am taking it on a couple last cruises. Do you...
  6. Trevynd

    Another win!

    Went to the last big car show of the year and was honored to win BEST IN SHOW! This car just turns heads everywhere and I’m so grateful so many other appreciate it. This has been a great first year for the car. Looking forward to more to come!
  7. Trevynd

    Questions about AC heater vacuum

    Haha dude you see that I replied to this awhile back? Haha I thought there was a post talking bout this! Thanks for the link. I’ll dig into it more and let ya know
  8. Trevynd

    Questions about AC heater vacuum

    Was just curious on overall description of normal operation for the heater and controls for my car. It’s a new heater box (so new doors, heater core, housing) When it was out I tested all operations of vacuum actuators and they performed as should. My question is simply what’s normal. I...
  9. Trevynd

    First Car show

    Yes! The arm of the fuel pump was too depressed when installed so we bent it haha! I have the correct fuel pump and line on order ;)
  10. Trevynd

    First Car show

    Not only was it a great time but we’re honored to win BEST FORD and BEST OF SHOW So grateful for everyone who’s helped me these past couple years! Still plenty of work to do but we’ve been enjoying it!
  11. Trevynd

    Photo shoot with the green machine

    It pains me to say I have still not received my engine but to help my mood I decided to put the license plates on and do a little photo shoot today. I figured minus maybe being a couple inches high in front, most people won’t know and I was ready to share this car project with my family and...
  12. Trevynd

    Needing 429CJ acc brackets

    Yup! I talk with Mike almost daily haha! He’s got a few cars we’re looking into for brackets but figured I’d go ahead and see if anyone had anything around Thanks!
  13. Trevynd

    Needing 429CJ acc brackets

    Hey guys! I’ll throw some update pics but the engine is getting close! I however have no engine acc brackets. I do however have the correct pulleys and fan. PS and ALT would be awesome but AC would be a bonus. I’m not worried about concourse, just would like something that works! Anyone have...
  14. Trevynd

    I’m back at it! Green Machine update

    its been an odd year, a bit cold and long winter so it was a little slow for spring. we did however manage to get a good stretch of nice weather hear (mid 50s or so F with blue skies and sun.) thats enough to get me all fired up and wanting to cruise! if i had an engine i would def be out...