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    Motor and Trans Installation

    I've done it one piece. I found it is a bit 'easier' with the front bumper removed. It give the hoist a bit more wiggle room to work with.
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    hey there from South Carolina!!

    Howdy from another 73 vert owner!
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    Motor mounts and oil pan removal/replacement on 73 with 351C. Can I leave the motor in?

    Thanks guys. I will put a plan together to get this done. I have replacement mounts that I got on this forum (73 convertible, a unobtanium part). I will keep the old ones and I think there is a place that will rebuild them and so I will get that done, while it's still available, and toss them...
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    Howdy from Phoenix!
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    Having worked as a dishwasher before I turned 16 I had saved up enough money to buy a car. (Thanks Dad who not only didn't let me just spend each paycheck but kicked in for the final purchase). My friends dad who was also a mentor and really cool old guy was a die hard ford fan. He liked the...
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    Motor mounts and oil pan removal/replacement on 73 with 351C. Can I leave the motor in?

    I have to replace the motor mounts and I have a canton high capacity oil pan to swap in too. Can I do either or both of these without removing the engine? Can I just lift it with a hoist and get enough clearance? I did a search but motor mounts are a big topic on the forum so I wasn't able...
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    Just some pics of my 71 Mach 1

    Good looking car. Very nicely done and detailed. I sure do miss my fold down rear seat. With the seat down I always thought it gave it kind of an 'air plane' look inside.
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    Well that sucks

    Holy Crap! How far did she fall? I hope her recovery is as smooth as it can be.
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    Went to start my 73 Coupe today...

    Glad you got it running! ANd I love the convertible... same color as mine.
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    New member from Florida. 😎

    Howdy from Phoenix. My first car as a 73 Mach 1 and my second car was my 73 Convertible. I also still have the Convertible but, unfortunately there is no chance of finding my Mach 1. It was totaled 38 years ago. At the time it was just a Mustang so there was no saving it. Now I imagine...
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    Went to start my 73 Coupe today...

    A bit of troubleshooting: Turn on the headlights then try starting the car. Do they dim significantly? If they do you most likely have a stuck starter. If they do not then a bad solenoid.
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    50th birthday for the Mustang today

    Yeah, it's a bit of a head trip. When I turned 16 the 50 year old cars were from the depression era. Our cars were faster but those old cars were the rage. Now the new cars beat us with technology but our years of cars are popular. The cars from the 30's have seen a steep decline in...
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    50th birthday for the Mustang today

    The old girl rolled off the line 50 years ago today. To celebrate I drove her around some. I am thinking I might take her to her first car show sometime soon too.
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    Poor Man's Transmission Jack.

    I found the harbor freight screw transmission jack works really well. The screw action doesn't move a bit like hydraulic jacks will do after pumping them.
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    Header options

    Are those the comps or super comps? The super comps are much lower than the comps. I swapped comps for super comps, here is a write up:
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    Cruise night pictures from our downtown square

    Great looking car. I like the paint scheme.
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    Rainy Car show 1 pick

    Looking good!
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    I run Rhodes. I assume they are still excellent quality. A bit noisy at idle but that's part of the design and I get good vacuum with a fairly decent cam.
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    Hello from Texas

    Howdy from Phoenix. I really like the color and style. The black stripes and hood look good together on that silver paint and with the magnum wheels it's just a really good looking combo.