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  1. Fredensborg

    Fredensborg's 1973 Mach 1 improvement/build thread "Sleipnir"

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SLEIPNIR! Built on this day 50 years ago. I let my son drive it to school today to mark the occasion, I hope I look this good when I’m 50….here’s to 50 more!
  2. Fredensborg

    1971 Mach 1 for sale in MN

    I met this guy at a local car show awhile back. Was his dads car, and he isn’t interested in keeping it. I haven’t seen it in person, but it looks solid.
  3. Fredensborg

    Greetings from Maine from a new member!

    Welcome from Minnesota! Throw a couple pics up when you can!
  4. Fredensborg

    New member eager to learn from this forum!

    Welcome from Minnesota, and congratulations on your retirement!
  5. Fredensborg

    Rear spoiler accident last night

    Looks great! Like it never happened!
  6. Fredensborg

    1980 Ford Bronco XLT 4X4

    Stablemates…the brothers meet for the fist time. Think they will get along overnight? 🤩
  7. Fredensborg

    1980 Ford Bronco XLT 4X4

    I guess we'll just have to convince a few more of the folks on 7173 to get old Broncos so we can invade that forum and liven it up some then! :)
  8. Fredensborg

    1980 Ford Bronco XLT 4X4

    @Lazarus @cjstaci , Are you on the FSB site? I'll follow you on there if so.
  9. Fredensborg

    Brought my parents 71 home for good.

    That's awesome!! Glad to see your keeping it all in the family.
  10. Fredensborg

    Hood air scopes

    My car doesn't have the functional ram air or the block off things either Bjørn, the ram air kit is on my list of cool things to do to the car.:)
  11. Fredensborg

    Fredensborg's 1973 Mach 1 improvement/build thread "Sleipnir"

    Overdue for an update or has been busy! My son and I finally got around to doing the front breaks wheel bearings and master cylinder on the mustang. Everything went pretty well, wound up putting new calipers on after I broke one of the bleeder screws though. Here we are pre-op and...
  12. Fredensborg


    Welcome from Minnesota! Awesome cars!
  13. Fredensborg

    1980 Ford Bronco XLT 4X4

    But if I were to get different heads, couldn’t that bump up the compression? Or is a 1980 block just a POS all around and not worth trying to beef up?
  14. Fredensborg

    1980 Ford Bronco XLT 4X4

    I found that forum as well, your right…the info there looked pretty all-encompassing. Didn’t look like there was much activity there through, and that interface is butt ugly and cumbersome. Why can’t all forums be as sexy as 7173mustangs???? 😀
  15. Fredensborg

    1980 Ford Bronco XLT 4X4

    It’s got a 302, so the bolt on options should be endless I would think. I don’t need it to melt tires, but it would be nice if I could pass someone on the highway! 😀
  16. Fredensborg

    1980 Ford Bronco XLT 4X4

    Thanks Lazarus! I coincidentally found that site on my own and started a thread. Seems like a knowledgeable bunch over there. I’m sending that meme to my brother, he’s got a Jeep! 😂
  17. Fredensborg

    1980 Ford Bronco XLT 4X4

    I have a need, a need for speed....😆 What the best Bronco forum out there in the interwebs?? I've already got a que of stupid questions to ask about the Bronco. That motor is a total pooch!
  18. Fredensborg

    1980 Ford Bronco XLT 4X4

    Well, the gods have bestowed another aging blue oval on me for caretaking...a 1980 Bronco 4x4 with a 302 with rotten exhaust and some rusty wheelhouses/fenders to try to fix. I think got a pretty good deal on it, but time will tell as I really have my work cut out for me with the rust issues. My...
  19. Fredensborg

    Street Machine Summer Nationals 2022 in St. Paul

    I'm a bit late in posting as I have been busy lately, but I had quite an adventure at the Street Machine Summer Nationals in St. Paul a couple weeks ago... I'll post on that in another thread, but I found 3 big ponies there two verts and a Mach1!
  20. Fredensborg

    Good bye old friend

    Sorry to hear...but the good news is you can now go buy a new project car?