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    Found a Mexican 1973 Mach 1

    :shootself:  OUCH!!!!!! Thats one serious T-Bone. Surely thats not salvagable?
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    Found a Mexican 1973 Mach 1

    David you know you want it so buy it :D  I am sure you could sell it on if you change your mind later. How much is the seller asking for it??
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    L/H Fender To Windshield Filler

    Make  sure you put them somewhere safe. They are rare and very very fragile/flimsey. They were only on the 71 and Boss. I was lucky when i removed R/H fender mine was still there albeit needing some plastic weld from a crack. I paid $100 for L/H side
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    WTB door spring drivers LH

    I had same issue. I had to replace hinge. My hinge spring is still there but snapped in 2 pieces. Dont know if it could be welded or a sleeve put over it. You may want to open and lift the door to see if there is any movement up/down. Chances are after nearly 50 years your hinge pins need...
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    Windshield removal... Any good how-to advice?

    You read my thoughts. I was wondering if the heat gun would crack the glass. I am tempted to soften the goo with a heat gun for a easier removal
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    If you see one Please let me know

    Since buying my Mustang 3 years ago a lot more parts are available today than were 3 years ago. The front console ashtray repop is available and Don at Ohio Mustang stock these ::thumb:: However when it comes to the rear ashtray i cannot find a repop anywhere. So if at some point in the future...
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    Fabrice's 429CJ 71 project

    Thats some serious pitting Fabrice. I am sure nobody will even know once you have weaved your magic. I noticed you use yellow epoxy primer. Any reason why you use yellow? or did i mis-read you previous post a week or two ago? Once i have zinc plated the hinge on the ashtray i wil re-assemble...
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    White 72 in Saginaw Mich

    I never heard the word "Saginaw" till i learnt my steering box had the name. Is there any connection to the place name?
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    Windshield removal... Any good how-to advice?

    It took me 5 days to remove the black goo from both A-post trim and top trim using laquer thinners and around 15 rolls of kitchen towels. It was over half a inch thick in places. I am dreading taking the windshield out although there are a lot of scratches in the glass so if they are too deep it...
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    Engine capacity conundrum

    Its been a while since i took these pics when i had the 351C engine out
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    1971 Boss 351 unrestored on E bay

    Thats in Ohio, Dons back yard. Go on Don You know you want it :D
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    73 mach1 Restomod!

    Cant wait to see progress on your resto. Keep us updated regularly My car was purchased from Pheonix. I checked the Marti report and it was sold when new in Pheonix so looks like it spent its first 45 years there. Now its in the UK. If your bodywork is as good as mine there will be a small...
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    You're now in 1971...

    +1 Face to face has almost become extinct. There wasnt so mkuch violent crime. A fight used to be with fists only. LOL rap isnt music its people that cannot sing chatting sh-it Bring back national service and conscript ALL 18 year olds into the armed services for 3 years. That would sort most...
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    Lots of NOS Mustang parts on Ebay today

    lollerz  I do like your style David. Would have liked to have been that passenger lollerz
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    South OKC Chamber Car Show

    Congrats on a double
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    Fabrice's 429CJ 71 project

    I had to go same route as you for rear ashtray and soak it in sauce because the chrome top was bending as i tried to remove it. If i had carried on i know it would have broken. However, the lid was a differant story. The two parts just clip together and easily seperated. I then drilled out the...
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    New one

    Great shot of a great car
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    Donor found

    Great job. One giant leep towards the finish line
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    Slowest resto ever - Project AmsterFoose / Current subject: The roof

    Yes thats the way i would go if i were in your shoes. Cut out the bad and weld in some new edges
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    Fabrice's 429CJ 71 project

    I know that two steps backwards feeling Fabrice. My molded screw hole at rear of black glove box front have snapped. Looking at your work last weekend i saw you tackle the ashtray. Just wondered why you didnt attempt to remove the top chrome piece. I did attempt mine and failed. Those 4 lugs...