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    Are front torque boxes available?

    I'm currently working on my '69 Fairlane convertible. The inner rockers are shot. Aftermarket parts aren't available, so I found a sheet metal shop locally that was willing to custom fab both sides. I had to cut out the old ones and take him what was left as a pattern. They aren't concours...
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    Boss 351 Bellhousings - early and late

    I believe one difference is the "Boss" bellhousings are cast iron, instead of cast aluminum.
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    Boss 351 Bellhousings - early and late

    In Rick Ybarra's Boss 351 book, he states the early B1's had bellhousing C5TA-6394-A, and the late is D1TA-6392-AA. He is unsure when the switch occurred, but says his with a 135... VIN has the D1 bellhousing. My boss is a 141... VIN, scheduled for build Nov. 16th, actually built Nov.30th, 1970...
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    Future Boss 351 Buyer?

    In addition to what was previously called out, the Boss didn't have the honeycomb panel between the taillights or the pop open gas cap. The hood decal should say "Ram Air" not "351 Ram Air". This car looks like a really amateur restoration.
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    Dakota Digital

    It would probably read the same sender/sensor, but you might have feedback or accuracy issues. You should put in a "T" and run separate senders if you want both gauges. You could also use the center gauges for transmission oil temperature, air/fuel mixture and fuel pressure, just to use up the...
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    73 Mach I AC Opinion

    I had a '68 Mustang with air, and I replaced the hoses and dryer with the higher pressure ones for R134. I figured changing hoses and dryer on a 50 year old car was a maintenance item regardless, so going to the higher pressure ones was no big deal. I rebuilt my stock compressor, but had to...
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    The difference between Stang and Vette owner brains!

    A fool and his money are soon.....washed out to sea! :LOL:
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    I just noticed car starts and shuts off without a key

    If you mean you can turn the lock cylinder on the steering column without the key in it, you should just need to replace the lock cylinder.
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    Boss widebody anyone?

    Thank God it appears it's just an artist's rendering. I'd hate to think someone did that to an actual Boss.
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    Power Windows move slowly

    On a Cougar I had, I took the window motors apart, cleaned the old grease out and put in new and it solved the problem.
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    Feedback on Boss i'm interested in

    In reference to the RUG-BJ transmission code, I seem to remember something about the '72 HO using a BJ or BJ1 transmission. Might be my faulty memory or maybe that's where they derived the "Boss" reference. Maybe the MCA site spells it out. Late edit. I checked my copy of the MPC. I'm including...
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    Feedback on Boss i'm interested in

    You're welcome. I seem to learn something new all the time. That's what makes the hobby interesting, and one of the reasons I enjoy this site. ;)
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    Feedback on Boss i'm interested in

    Well here's my Marti.
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    Feedback on Boss i'm interested in

    Welcome. The VIN being different in the description may just be a typo. A few things I noticed are: Boss 351 hood stickers just said "Ram Air" not 351 Ram Air. The mount for the spare tire is missing some welded on parts to attach the threaded hook to. The air bottle for the spare is missing...
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    New Purchase and new member in AL

    Welcome from N. Idaho. Very nice car, in my favorite color combination.
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    Visited Shelby American while in Vegas

    Very cool place to go, to see some automotive history. I've been to both the old facility and the new one. The old one you walked into the showroom floor, instead of the gift shop. Better experience, but the new one has a lot more room for more cars.
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    Rear Defrost Questions

    Yep, you're missing a lot of parts, as has been said. As for the scratches, there isn't enough heat in it to cause glass to shatter. If some of the "filaments" across the glass are scratched, there used to be a liquid you could patch them with.
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    The Boss was built more for racing, and the chrome front bumper was lighter. The rubber bumpers weigh a ton!
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    Vehicles For Sale 1972 Mach 1 Project Car FS

    He has $3500 OBO listed in the description. It's in the last paragraph.
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    Parts Wanted Steel rims with hubcaps and beauty rings

    These aren't mine, and I don't know the guy, but he's had them for sale for a while. No date code listed, but you could contact him.