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    Fuel system upgrade

    Looks REAL nice, Jeff...GREAT JOB!! ~BT
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    Grande Pics

    This started off as a 302 2V - 3 Speed Grande  Original Color, but now a BBF, C6, 4:11 Traction Lok 472 CID (429 + 460 Crank + .060 bore), Edelbrock Performer RPM Cam, Intake, 850CFM Holley ~BT
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    351 Cleveland Cobra Jet Valve Covers

    Dan, As others have stated or inferred, it really doesn't matter whether your 351C is a 2V, 4V, CJ, HO or Boss unless you are shooting for or desire something rare and even that has qualifiers. ALL 351Cs can be built to perform at the equivalent (or better) level of any of the other 351C...
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    Mustangsally, Glad you decided to "officially" join us! I think I have the original "twin" to your car, except my yellow/black '73 Q-Code came with a C6.  Right now, it is undergoing a transplant to a 545 (but that is another story that is chronicled elsewhere here on the Site). Seeing your...
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    Howdy from West Texas

    Welcome aboard, Kevin! As the original owner of a '73 Mach 1 that I have and continue to restomod, I look forward to reading of your "journey" with your '73 Mach 1. Please take your time and go through the different forums...there REALLY is a heck of a lot of GREAT information here that will...
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    At LAST ---the 545 is at the Shop

    March 28, 2018 - Update As noted in a post in another section on the site, I am currently working a couple of issues relative to the stock shifter and valve body. To recap: My current intent is to use a stock Ford shifter but since I am using a Broader transmission with the full manual valve...
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    Manual Valve Body with Stock Shifter

    Kevin, THAT does look really nice! Do you have the Reverse Valve Body? Refresh my memory please...what are the specs on your engine/transmission? Thanks! ~BT
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    Manual Valve Body with Stock Shifter

    That sounds like another GREAT approach, Don! Thanks!! ~BT
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    Well Darn I bought another car, original paint

    Very nice indeed, David! BTW, according to my references, the 332 was available (and used) in the '59. ~BT
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    Manual Valve Body with Stock Shifter

    Which shifter are you using? ...and Yes, I realize one can slip the transmission easily into the next gear with the stock shifter which is why I am trying to do my due diligence.  I have come to understand from one of the transmission "gurus"/racers on another site that the stock shifter works...
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    In search of...

    That is  ABSOLUTELY great that you two members were able to get together on this Mustang...GREAT story from both of you. Just shows you can NEVER give up hope and that stuff out here on the "Net" last for a long time. To think that your initial search on here was nearly two years ago and along...
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    Power stearing pressure line

    I believe the attached link shows what you are looking for :). ~BT
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    Manual Valve Body with Stock Shifter

    Yes, those OE parts were definitely difficult to source but I actually have sources now for the individual parts. Bobby (Competition Carburetors in NV) who did the modifications on my 1000HP carburetor advised against using a ratchet shifter with the manual valve body.  Did you have any major...
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    Modified Big Block Installed 71-73 Mustangs

    As most of you know, 1971 was the only year where the big block (429) was installed in our cars from the factory. I, unfortunately, came late to the Mustang game as I got my first one (which I still have), a 1973 (Export Only) 351Cj with C6 and 3:25 traction lok rearend. Stationed overseas, I...
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    New pistons and rings needed

    Yes, the rings you need should be .020 oversized. However the part number you cite (E251KC) appears to be standard size.  You will need Seal Power E251K20, per my research. ~BT
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    New pistons and rings needed

    By the way, based on your desire to continue with the stock set-up, the information Hemikiller gave you was "SPOT ON."  Just order the stock replacement pistons for a '73 351C 4V motor. If it was me, and the block HAS to be bored, I would go for the .020 oversized if I could find the pistons...
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    New pistons and rings needed

    According to that picture, the block casting number is "D2AE-CA" not D0AE-CA and it was built on January 11, 1973. So, that would appear to be a 351CJ block (based on the 4 bolt mains that you referred to in an earlier post) and it would have had the open chamber heads. ~BT
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    Hood Options?

    My apologies Nik...I did not mean to hijack your thread. I put in my vote...I personally like the Boss 429 Scoop but as to your question, I would say Yes. ~BT
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    Hood Options?

    Yeah Chuck, I knew that would bring out a comment or two lollerz ! It boggles my mind how many L88-type hood scoops there are out there of different heights while we are limited on what is available for our community. I tell you, I SINCERELY miss being overseas where I had guys in my shop who...
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    Hood Options?

    Bringing this one back up as I proceed with my 545 install. I currently have a hand-built metal scoop grafted into my '73 Mach 1 hood. This scoop was tall enough for the old 428SCJ with a DOVE Single plane intake utilizing two stacked air cleaner elements, without any problems. y'all might...