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  1. Bradc


    71 B1 Tribute..started as an m code….2nd owner i have 2 R vins spares cheers from Ontario Canada
  2. Bradc

    72 vert finally done

    Looking good….strong motor..
  3. Bradc

    Original dash tag..window sticker.brake sheet

    Good morning … when I was in college in Michigan (back in the 80s), I called a ad that a guy had 71 mustang parts.. when I arrived, I saw a white B1 in his garage…apparently it was a stolen car, recovered..both quarters were smashed in… He had sold engine ,trans, seats etc i bought the
  4. Bradc

    New member from Dauphin Is. , Al

    Congrats Looks like your summers just got more fun! lots of snow here in the Toronto area
  5. Bradc

    Lacquer paint cracks…..

    Thanks for your help……..most people I ask, don’t know or haven’t dealt with lacquer paint jobs… I guess I’ll live with it til I repaint the whole car again…. regards
  6. Bradc

    Lacquer paint cracks…..

    Good morning Stang lovers….. seems to be a lot of knowledge on this site…..I’ve asked many around here….but haven’t gotten any definitive solution …my lacquer paint hair cracks in it….is there any paint correction I can do, or do I have to repaint ? thanks Brad
  7. Bradc

    3 years in the making! Proud to introduce my 71!!

    Looks great…..great car to tell family stories, and keep for the next generation to enjoy!
  8. Bradc

    Best overall muffler for boss 351..

    I love the sound of open headers…not sure my neighbours would appreciate (the car guys would) lol
  9. Bradc

    Best overall muffler for boss 351..

    thank you seems to be too many choices, especially from flow master
  10. Bradc


    My 30 year old work…still looks great lol..
  11. Bradc

    Best overall muffler for boss 351..

    Great to get some feedback…thanks… I have 30 year old mufflers…car sounds amazing now..I have a healthy cam and the solids make the engine sound amazingly mean… Because it has been sitting for about 25 years, I was gonna sell and trade up in years….but when I took it for a ride after all those...
  12. Bradc


    71 M code
  13. Bradc

    Best overall muffler for boss 351..

    Good afternoon .. quick question…I need to replace the mufflers on my Stang… Has anyone experimented with more than one brand? A muffler for the best all around sound and performance.. thanks in advance… thanks Brad
  14. Bradc

    Hello from Ontario Canada

    Congrates…and looking good from a fellow Canuck… Brampton…
  15. Bradc

    Comment by 'Bradc' in media 'B2933330-6707-49FE-808B-9792AAD6352E.jpeg'

    My 71 garaged since I got married….29 years
  16. 71 Boss clone….garaged for 29 years

    71 Boss clone….garaged for 29 years

  17. B2933330-6707-49FE-808B-9792AAD6352E.jpeg


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