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  1. Hemikiller

    Converting drum to disc kits

    Dan at Chockostang has an excellent reputation for his disc brake conversion kits. He's an old school, no BS kinda guy. His kits use all factory style parts, so you can go to any parts store and buy replacements...
  2. Hemikiller

    Wiring ID

    First pic might be Yellow w/White dots, which should go to the A terminal on the voltage regulator. Clean the wire off with some Gojo hand cleaner or wipes to verify. Second pic is the White w/Black stripe wire that is (or should be) connected to the Stator post on the alternator. The connector...
  3. Hemikiller

    Boss color codes

    4F was not a color code used in 1971, they were all single digit. 1970 Medium Lime Metallic was code G, Ford mix code M3075, and a one year only color 1972 Medium Lime metallic (4F) is a different color, Ford mix code M5021. Like the 70 color, it was one year only for the Mustang. 1971's...
  4. Hemikiller

    Paint and bolt color

    The fender bolts are not painted on any 65-73 Mustang, which makes it a dead giveaway for a car having been repainted. I've seen more than a couple "all original paint" cars with painted bolts.
  5. Hemikiller

    Fast ratio steering gear

    I'm running the 807 reman box with the 10:1 ratio. I find it works fine with my car, not too fast and has a good effort. I will say the first box I bought had excessive preload and I had to warranty it, but RA made that process painless. It was at 35 in/lbs over the center, which is double the...
  6. Hemikiller

    FMX Gasket Question

    Install it dry, no sealant.
  7. Hemikiller

    Rare 1972 remote electric trunk latch? or home made? no pictures of a switch.

    The one posted by Graham Man sure looks like a homebrew to me. There was an 70s or 80s Lincoln trunk latch that was a direct bolt in with an integrated solenoid. I *think* it was the Versailles latch.
  8. Hemikiller

    1972 Mach 1 transmission linkages question(s)

    The '69 style doesn't have the lower lever for the column lock rod, which was introduced in 1970. You'd have to go without it, or fabricate the lever. The 70-73 setups are difficult to find, as you essentially need to buy a complete transmission to get one, few would sell just the shift mechanism.
  9. Hemikiller

    Under hood light

    Some hood lights had a twist-apart fuse holder and a ring terminal to hook to the starter solenoid. A simple solution would be to fabricate a jumper of ring terminal->fuse holder -> female bullet.
  10. Hemikiller

    1972 Mach 1 transmission linkages question(s)

    Your 80s Bronco donor was a column shift vehicle, so it has the incorrect shifter setup for a floor shift vehicle. The rod you show in your first pic is the backdrive rod for the column/shifter interlock mechanism. The shifter rod would come in at the top of the transmission, above the NSS. NPD...
  11. Hemikiller

    351C 2V Heads Help

    Pull the plugs and post some good pics. If they show signs of oil fouling, it could be a as simple as an intake gasket like Boilermaster suggested. I've had a leaking intake on a couple Cleveland engines, and it will cause detonation. Some aftermarket valve covers have no baffle below the PCV...
  12. Hemikiller

    Parts Wanted Alternator Wiring harness

    The difference is in how the regulator is controlled. A non-gauge car uses the warning light circuit (Green w/red stripe #904) through the I terminal to energize the alternator field coil, and the stator output (White w/Black stripe) through the S terminal then closes the field relay in the...
  13. Hemikiller

    In Park, when pressing the brake pedal the idle goes up...

    Minus your core credit - whatever that is... Harmon has a rebuild and return service for $325
  14. Hemikiller

    Problems getting response from CJ Pony Parts

    If you have time to kill, search on something like "CJ Pony Parts customer service" and grab a beer. I've seen people say they have the best results with their chat option.
  15. Hemikiller

    71 coupe water leaking into headliner

    If your avatar pic is your coupe, then I'd take a good look at the rear window gasket. It most likely needs to be replaced, even if it looks okay.
  16. Hemikiller

    Bleeding the brake lines -- how do I use this?

    That's a master cylinder bleeder kit, it's not needed to do the flex hoses. Simply replace the hoses and pressure bleed as normal.
  17. Hemikiller

    Need Block Mounting Brackets

    The AOD was never made to mate up to a 385 series bolt pattern, so you'll need an adapter regardless. Without some substantial upgrades, an AOD won't live long behind one either. No matter what, you're in for a bunch of money if you want an overdrive.
  18. Hemikiller

    1973 Mustang headlight wiring harnesses

    That's unfortunate. My best guess is these are 13076 headlamp harness leads. From the indicator housing, we know it's a later model, IIRC the plastic sockets started in 1972. Obviously it's for a single headlight vehicle with a standard side marker light and not a high end car with cornering...
  19. Hemikiller

    Grille center support

    Thinking the problem is you have a '73 bracket in your pic.