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    I finally found my home!

    Sorry I haven't updated in a while. Got real busy. The 71 is running strong and turning heads. Now time for suspension refurbishment and possibly a gear vendor ( keep the C-6 and get higher top end and lower RPM at highway speeds. Thanks for the encouragement guys!! I love this site! Came out...
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    New member in Virginia

    Welcome from Las Vegas Nevada!
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    I finally found my home!

    Thank you for clarification I don't think too many will notice. Do you think I should clear coat over the side stripes, or leave them on the surface so they can be replaced easier?
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    I finally found my home!

    Pardon my ignorance, please help me to understand what is wrong with the stripe? I gave the shop what I was told was a correct stencil? Since I've owned the car it was always only black so I know very little about stripes. Thanks
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    71-73 power window parts for sale

    Would you happen to still have the drivers door bezel 1971 1972? And clips? If so how much? I would love to buy glass, but I have the fastback. All my motors seem to be working if the motors are the same I will take all you have left just in case. Thanks Doug
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    I finally found my home!

    I say this because, as many of you I love 1971 to 1973 mustangs! I have been in love with them since I was 10 years old. I remember walking around the block with my older cousin and seeing our neighbors "car lot" ... big Ford guy, three 1971 to 1973 fastback cars. All for sale. Real small town...