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    What intake with a 429/460?

    cazsper, I put a 1970 429 (385 series same as a 460) that has the 521 stroker kit, in my 73 Mach 1 and im running the Edelbrock RPM Air Gap intake with a Holley 4150 carb, and a K&N drop base air cleaner that has a 3" height and my stock mach 1 hood clears just fine. But i do not have the...
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    Stroker Windsor/Cleveland it 460 based?

    I have been talking to Cazper about my build for a couple days now. I did a all forged Scat 521 stroker assembly with Comp cams roller cam retrofit kit. Still running stock heads that had guide plates installed with beehive springs, otherwise stock 1970 heads, as well as stock 2:75-1 open rear...
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    Finally @ The Dyno

    Yeah, I had purchased the Crites full length headers pretty early then after having them for a while started seeing people posting how low they hang and hitting them on stuff. All in all I am very happy with the Crites headers. I purchased all new front suspension and steering and got the...
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    Finally @ The Dyno

    All part #'s searchable on Summit Racing's website. 1970 Thunder jet 429 Long Block W/DOVE HEADS 1-47606BI - Scat Engine Rotating Assemblies 521 Stoker Kit CCA-34-432-9 - COMP RETRO FIT ROLLER CAM (Hydraulic Roller Tappet, Advertised Duration 282/288, Lift .521/.532) CCA-1411-16 - COMP...
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    Dyno results 521 pump gas

    This is power and torque @ the flywheel correct? Not at the Tire? Follow this link to my 521 Dyno results listing that only got 1 comment since I posted it. Mine is at the tires, and the top green dyno results.
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    Welcome from Bakersfield Cali. I love to hear when more folks are throwing the 385 series engines into our big body Mustangs.
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    Finally @ The Dyno

    Finally got my 73 Mach 1 with the fresh 521 to the Dyno today with my car group. After changing jets on the Dyno 3 times i gained 50 horses just sitting there. My build is for monstrous Torque, but due to my gearing and torque converter, plus stock valves and cast iron heads with beehive springs...
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    What's in a name?

    Lduke12 = Lee
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    What bands have you seen live?

    Here is my list that I can remember im sure there is more. Since im from Bakersfield CA Seen KoRn, Adema, and Orgy numerous times. Soulfly - many times Fear Factory - many times and met most the band Slipknot Rob Zombie Static X - Many Times RIP Wayne Static Black Sabbath Mushroomhead -...
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    73 Heater Box + Core Removal 1-2-3

    So Rocket366, you didn't have to remove anything else from the dash to remove the A/C Heater box, that whole thing came out from under the dash? Or did you have to remove the whole dash itself to get it out?
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    460 Big Block Engine Height

    I purchased a Scat forged rotating assembly that came with Pistons, rods, and crank, and im running a Comp Cams roller retrofit fit system with roller lifters & rockers on beehive springs and Comp push rods and timing set. If you go to page 5 of my intro and build thread i have a almost...
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    460 Big Block Engine Height

    Here is my 521 stroker based off a 429 block in my 73. I'm using the RPM Air Gap manifold with the Holley 4150 and K&N 3"x14" air cleaner that is around 1 1/4" drop base. I have about 1/2" clearance from the hood. I had bought a 1" TrickFlow spacer but was not able to use it.
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    73 Power Steering Options and size

    Was looking around the site and wasn't able to find any specifics regarding the 1973's steering box. I need to know what the pressure side inlet male hose size is. I am running a Saginaw pump and we Frankenstien'ed two different hoses together to work for now, but its not really working. So has...
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    521 Stroker Issues

    Thanks guys. This afternoon we have three tests we are going to run, since i have two 8580 Distributors, we are going to swap the internals to the one in the car after checking resistance to the MSD specs as well as on the box. We have a donor MSD box that we are going to try, and if all that...
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    521 Stroker Issues

    Hey Qcode351mach, yes when the car is idling and its stumbling, when you pull the linkage to give it more gas the carb still spits fuel down the carbs throat just fine, and when you remove the bowl sites the fuel is right at the bottom of the holes. And also as stated no matter what there is...
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    521 Stroker Issues

    Well thought everything was good after last nights run. We noticed after removing the spark plugs that cylinder 5 & 6 were perfectly clean when all the others looked pretty normal, so it was misfiring those two cylinders. Turned and looked at the distributor cap with the wires attached and...
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    521 Stroker Issues

    Thanks all. I got the Mustang home last night from the exhaust shop with my entire new 3 1/2" system. Me and my buddy were in the garage afterwards till late and went over everything checking the rocker arms, carb everything. I wont go into detail about what we discovered but i happened to look...
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    521 Stroker Issues

    Thanks for all the replies guys. To answer your question 71mach1lady yes all the original fuel lines were removed from the car and brand new 1/2" line was routes along the passenger side of the car. There is no return line and the tank just has the stock vent hose on the top. For Finmach when we...
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    521 Stroker Issues

    So im about to pull my hair out. This is my 521 stroker motor (1970 429) Has Edel RPM air gap, Holley 4150 1000cfm, Holley Black fuel pump with Aeromotive regulator. MSD 8580 Pro Billet Ready to run distributor with 6AL Ignition box and Blaster 2 coil. No tach hooked up. So the car fires right...
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    What's on your nightstand? What's inside your waistband?

    I currently carry a Beretta PX4 Storm 3" in 40S&W. Still trying to practice with it and get used to hitting a target with it. Otherwise my favorite gun that i can hit any target with is a full size PX4 Storm in 40 as well. I also have a tiny Ruger LC9 single stack in 9mm if the weight gets...