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  1. J

    Hello! New to the 71-73 Mustangs!

    Welcome from the Netherlands. That is a very nice looking convertible!
  2. J

    New Member "bucketlist fastback"

    I think it is worth it to have a look. If you are looking for an original car , this could be a very good choice. Personally I think the price is good, but I am from Europe, so prices are generally higher here anyway. Everything seems to be original under the hood, which is quite rare. It also...
  3. J

    New Member "bucketlist fastback"

    Hello from the Netherlands. I have seen this car on ebay for a while now, but it never reached the minimum price, so it got relisted several times now. It is on there at the moment...
  4. J

    Tim's 1973 Mach 1 rebuild thread - it's done in 2023 on it's 50th birthday!

    Great color and progress! Looking forward to the final result!
  5. J

    Parting a 73 convertible 4 speed.

    Hi, I am looking for a nice top switch bezel. Is this part available? Thx, Jeroen
  6. J

    center dash bezel for car with air and guages

    Hi Hemikiller, I thought that all (1973)  convertibles had the black center panel and not the woodgrain. I have the instrument package with the center instruments in my car and it is black with Chrome and no woodgrain. Maybe it was changed by the previous owner , so if you have more info ,that...
  7. J

    What.......Another New 71-73 Part!!

    Thanks TommyK ! Since I would like to restore the car as close to original as possible , this would be a very good solution!
  8. J

    What.......Another New 71-73 Part!!

    Hi Don, I have to check the date codes on the hinges . The car is being restored at the moment. The Tu-tone hood was ordered from factory according to my Marti report.Most of the car was original when I bought it. Just the wheels ,exhaust and interior had been changed. My car was produced early...
  9. J

    New Owner of a 73' convertible

    Welcome from the Netherlands!
  10. J

    Convertible quarter panel alignment

    Thanks for the advise regarding the weatherstrip and coasters. We will definitely check everything before painting. Would be a real shame to modify stuff afterwards and damage fresh paint...
  11. J

    What.......Another New 71-73 Part!!

    Thanks for the info Steve! Hopefully a company will start the production of correct hood hinges with phosphate and oil as well. Still looking for a NOS set...  all the used ones have a lot of play.
  12. J

    What.......Another New 71-73 Part!!

    Yes. I have a convertible with an original NACA hood and it has these flat springs.
  13. J

    Convertible quarter panel alignment

    Thanks for your reply and the table! I will have to compromise here and there. As you mentioned , These cars have large tolerances. I had a look at some convertibles on ebay and none of them are perfect with panel alignments, so I guess I have to be less precise with my project sometimes ;-)
  14. J

    Convertible quarter panel alignment

    Hi guys, i am in the process of replacing the quarter panels on my 1973 Mustang convertible. These cars are very flexible! My restorer has installed the right panel already. He says that the gap between the door and the top of the quarter panel is about 3 millimeters more than the bottom ( on...
  15. J

    Back seat panel alignment convertible.

    I've found this one online and took a screenshot. It seems that the driverside corner is higher with most cars.
  16. J

    Back seat panel alignment convertible.

    It is about half inch on my car so it must have been good enough  ;-)
  17. J

    Back seat panel alignment convertible.

    Hi guys, I am restoring a 1973 convertible. I noticed a big alignment issue of the backseat panel. It looks like it was welded in like this in the factory.  The question is , would you leave it this way or would it be better to correct the panel? I am not sure if you would notice it when...
  18. J

    Kilgon's 71 Sportsroof Walk Around

    Beautiful car! 
  19. J

    lug nuts for 1973 vert D70Z-1012-A

    I took a screenshot of the correct part number a while ago... 
  20. J

    Greetings from Northland New Zealand

    Welcome from the Netherlands!