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  1. droptop73

    71 Convertible for parts

    I'm looking for an AC vacuum actuator.
  2. droptop73

    Gird your loins people....

    I wonder how that would look as a convertible?? LOL!!
  3. droptop73

    New to me 71 H code convertible

    Welcome from west Michigan! Enjoy some top down therapy!
  4. droptop73

    Hello from the old world.

    Welcome from west Michigan!
  5. droptop73

    New be in California

    Welcome from west Michigan! You've come to the right place for information and help.
  6. droptop73

    Hello, from NYC. 73 Mach 1

    Welcome from west Michigan!
  7. droptop73

    New Member

    Welcome from west Michigan!
  8. droptop73

    RIBS 71 convertible build JUNE 21 till??

    The car turned out fantastic! I'd love to do a resto-mod version...
  9. droptop73

    What did you do to your car today?

    I drove mine to work again today!
  10. droptop73

    C-6 to T-5 swap

    Sorry, I missed this question. I used the stock C6 crossmember and mount. I sectioned about 1/2" out of the center when I replaced the trans mount... i guess the old one got squishy.
  11. droptop73

    C-6 to T-5 swap

    The early bellhousings do not match with a T-5 if that's what you are suggesting.
  12. droptop73


    Welcome from west Michigan.
  13. droptop73

    Hey folks, 1972 Mach 1 barn find here.

    Welcome from west Michigan.
  14. droptop73

    Hello, new memeber, new Mach 1

    Hi and welcome from west Michigan.
  15. droptop73

    Horse Force car on

    OR... was that Horse Face??
  16. droptop73

    C-6 to T-5 swap

    I used a 90's V6 bell housing that takes an 11" clutch and 164T flywheel... why the V6 uses an 11" and a V8 uses a 10.5 you'd need to ask the engineers. I used a rebuilder grade flywheel, disc and diaprhagm pressure plate kit, Rhinopack I think was the brand. I went with the 11" so I could use...
  17. droptop73

    Would you buy $9k convertable...

    I don't recognize the braces from the core support to the shock towers. HMMMMMM That does look like a clean piece.
  18. droptop73

    Horse Force car on

    Tred Wear has built a few of this style car. Scraptona is likely the most famous.
  19. droptop73

    New Convertible Top

    Mine will power to about 1" from the trim then I pull it down and latch it. When it's closed it's close to flush with the front of the trim.
  20. droptop73

    New Member

    Welcome from west Michigan!