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  1. smartypants

    Under the hood mysteries: Distributor Vaccum Control Valve.

    mine has the electrical connections at the top. original on my 1971 grande w 351c 4v.
  2. smartypants

    suggestion on how to remove mirror

    drill the screw out with drill bit. tweak the mirror enough to put the screw in a bind so that it doesnt easily spin. then drill it out. maybe a two person job.
  3. smartypants

    Engine Bay Sticker Placement

    i am a little late to this party. but it is a no-brainer that the red air conditioning decal wont be used. as i do not see a/c on your car. i would toss out the ignition coil and voltage regulator decals also. since neither one had a decal. they were painted on. need to take those to a place...
  4. smartypants

    1971 Grande never wrecked. unmolested. original. concourse driven restoration

    I got my seat material from SMS auto fabrics in Canby, OR. The dark green comfort weave is not reproduced. SMS is the only place (i searched for a long time) that I was able to find that has NOS fabric for my car. It was on the expensive side, but not overly so. the dark green metallic vinyl is...
  5. smartypants

    Accelerator Pedal...Trim or not? What's correct?

    not a 73. but here is a 1971 mach1 that i found today. for sale on marketplace near seattle. looks like original rusty car with pedal trim. so we know that the trim was available on some cars.
  6. smartypants

    Parts Wanted looking for an Autolite 4300 carburetor stamped D1OF - FA

    can you tell me more. you seem to say that everyone knows that D1OF-AAA is what was used on 4v/auto engines. but then you say that you were able to find the D1OF-FA in a book somewhere. so, what else did your book say ? would the D1OF-FA have been on a Dearborn (oct 6, 1970) 1971 grande with a...
  7. smartypants

    Accelerator Pedal...Trim or not? What's correct?

    my 1971 Grande (born oct 6, 1970) has deluxe interior. including trim on gas, brake, and e-brake pads. my pedals are factory originals to my car. paint is only thing i know of on my car not original. gas pedal and trim show plenty of wear.
  8. smartypants

    Need to replace the relays above glovebox.-

    makes it much easier to replace if you take dash pad off.
  9. smartypants

    Divorce sale

    i am searching for an Autolite 4300 carburetor. MUST be stamped with D1OF-FA on the base. although these were often mis-stamped with the D missing. this stamp only appeared on the Autolite carb used on 1971 cars with 351c 4v and c6.
  10. smartypants

    ‘71 Trunk Letter Spacing

    i thank you for posting these photos. they are very helpful. only issue now is maybe how far up from the bottom. from bottom edge of trunk to bottom edge of letters. 1/2" or 3/4" ? again..... very awesome that you posted these photos. thank you again.
  11. smartypants


    did you decide to part it out ? i only ask because i am looking for a particular carburetor that could have originally been on your car. would have the number code D1OF-FA stamped onto the side of carb base by front driver side mounting tab/foot.
  12. smartypants

    71 Mach 1 - Novice Restoration

    being an original M code. does that mean that it also had an Autolite 4300 carb ? if so.... do you still have it ? i would be curious as to what number code may be stamped onto the side of the carb base. what was original color, and are you keeping it original ?
  13. smartypants

    1971 Grande never wrecked. unmolested. original. concourse driven restoration

    greetings from the north Idaho town of Harrison. i purchased this 1971 Grande from my best buddy in high school in Cove, OR. my buddy got this about 1983. he used to swing my house in this car and pick me up every single saturday night for 4 years straight. we would cruise the main drag of Adams...
  14. smartypants


    with all of your projects with parts wanted and parts for sale....... can you point me in the right direction to find an Autolite 4300 carburetor that is stamped D1OF FA ? for a 71' grande with 351c 4v and c6.
  15. smartypants

    Grabber Lime Update - Rear Wheelhouse Undercoating

    wasnt the undercoating an option ? or was it standard ?
  16. smartypants

    trouble trying to post my marti report on my profile

    i am not seeing any option on my profile to add my marti report. am i missing something ? navigating this page and forums is not the easiest thing for me to figure out. these advertisements keep popping up and blocking information. making it so that i can not see stuff. i thought being a...
  17. smartypants

    Identify my carb…?

    some of these carburetor stamps are weak. or lightly stamped. sometimes hard to see. if you are seeing 1OF-AAA, then it is surely a D1OF-AAA. pretty sure that the "D" got messed up somehow. in my recent carburetor dealings. i have found that the D1OF-AAA is the carb that came on the majority...