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  1. James Bond

    Frostburg MD

    Welcome from NW Oregon.
  2. James Bond

    Hello, new member from NW Ohio. 73 convertible.

    Welcome from NW Oregon, great looking car.
  3. James Bond

    Hello! New member 73 H Code convertible WI

    Welcome from NW Oregon, nice looking vert.
  4. James Bond

    New face

    Welcome from NW Oregon.
  5. James Bond

    New 1973 Owner From Franklin, WI

    Welcome from NW Oregon, great looking car!
  6. James Bond

    New 72 owner

    Welcome from NW Oregon, nice car!
  7. James Bond

    Overdue but new in Parkland, Fl

    Welcome from NW Oregon, great looking car.
  8. James Bond

    Battery Enclosure - Cosmetic

    There's always spray paint.
  9. James Bond

    71 Mustang Gets Explorer drive train!

    Welcome from NW Oregon, look forward to seeing what you come up with.
  10. James Bond


    Welcome from NW Oregon.
  11. James Bond

    Coming from VMF

    Welcome from NW Oregon, nice ride you got there.
  12. James Bond

    My 72 Mach I Project

    Looks like you're about to have a lot of fun!
  13. James Bond

    New in SoCal

    Welcome from NW Oregon, nice looking stable of Fords you got there. I'm do not have an answer to your question but I do have one of my own. I'd like to know the rim/tire sizes and manufacturer of the wheels on your white 73?
  14. James Bond

    First 70s fastback

    Welcome from NW Oregon, she looks really good.
  15. James Bond

    Is my sway bar on upside down?

    Your pics show the correct setup according to my 71.
  16. James Bond

    Long Overdue Intro from Michigan

    Welcome from NW Oregon. I've never seen but often wondered how wire wheels would look on our cars, have to say they really look good. I also like the pinstriped flame job, very nice looking Mustang you got there.
  17. James Bond

    New member from GA!

    Welcome from NW Oregon.
  18. James Bond

    My name is Rob, here is my 72 Grande 351c 2v.

    Welcome from NW Oregon, looks like you have a great starting point.
  19. James Bond

    Hello my name GERMY from Texas, do you love my 1972 Mustang Fastback 351W ?

    Welcome from NW Oregon, at least your starting with a running car, good luck.
  20. James Bond

    Paint help.

    Took a look at my fenders and it looks very similar to to what you have in your picture.