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  1. Grandmas73

    1973 service manuals free

    I’m sure that “Book” rate is what you want to use at the post office. The price is so low you’ll think it’s wrong lol
  2. Grandmas73

    Automatic shifter recommendation

    I’m not seeing the link to the video, could you repost it please, this sounds like something I should tackle before it’s a problem. Thanks.
  3. Grandmas73

    Firewall pad ?

    I’m sorry you got a poor fit, I don’t have any recommendations since I’m not there yet. I would like to ask what manufacturer/where did you get it so we all can proceed with caution ⛔️. Good luck 🍀
  4. Grandmas73

    71-73 Mustang Printed Circuits Illustrations

    Sadly I just let her go(forgot it was in my profile). It was my grandfather’s and I didn’t have any place to store it since the vert is in the garage. It got to the point that keeping it was detrimental to its survival.
  5. Grandmas73

    71-73 Mustang Printed Circuits Illustrations

    Thank you sir, a nice addition to my library.
  6. Grandmas73

    12v Switched Wire

    While I don’t have a tach, I did pick up power for my Pertronix right at the throttle position solenoid. If your rubber boot is still playable, you can peel it back and solder directly to the unit, ultimately having less wire to hide. I left myself a loop so I can dress it up after proving the...
  7. Grandmas73

    Installing Subframe Connectors with 2 Post Lift

    Here’s a picture of the cribs like my buddy uses when working on his Vette(obviously not the vette😁). If you build them sturdy, and use good wood you can go pretty high, having the two post to lift you up, setting them in place should be nice. I want to do this to my vert also, keep us updated...
  8. Grandmas73

    best correct windshield wiper blades

    Great,🤦‍♂️ another thing that I never thought about, but now need to go check right away because now I know😂😂😂
  9. Grandmas73

    Look what Ford did to the new FL1A oil filters

    What's the consensus on Hastings filters. I used them on my Studebaker 289, one of the few companies that had the bypass style I needed.
  10. Grandmas73

    73 Vert Passenger Side Mirror Question.

    I knew they weren't correct but i wanted a chrome pair that would match each other(they are so big). I thought about the racing style but never really appreciated the style. (My brain see's Camaro) So just to double check, nobody makes a passenger side "correct look" chrome mirror for 71-73?
  11. Grandmas73

    Vert stainless windshield cap?

    It's been a while and I can report no leaks when washing the car. 👍
  12. Grandmas73

    73 Vert Passenger Side Mirror Question.

    I'm going through this now. I picked up a pair of Scott drakes "for 73" but they are larger and don't have the correct angle, they will stick out too much IMO. I am going to learn to use 3d printers to try and make a base for the mirror. If successful, I will post the results and the file. The...
  13. Grandmas73

    Gird your loins people....

    Tell me I’m not the only one with this thought 🤔 I just don’t remember seeing a “Mustang Summer” movie 🤣🤣
  14. Grandmas73

    Leaky front crank seal.

    Not being able to see your situation first hand I thought I had a seal leaking but after some time on a creeper it was a valve cover leak running down the block to the pan lip and creeping around to the front to drip on the floor. I’m sure you’ve already checked that but I just wanted to throw...
  15. Grandmas73

    Need help identifying this please

    Treasure hunt for sure, that’s the tip of the iceberg. After work at Ford he opened his own marine inboard repair yard so I have at least 4 milk crates of vintage Standard & Blue Streak ignition parts +++. Trying to get this cache of NOS gold out in the world Is daunting for sure, I’d rather not...
  16. Grandmas73

    Need help identifying this please

    Thank you so much sir. Wish I could borrow you for a day to sort this stuff out lol.
  17. Grandmas73

    Need help identifying this please

    I am having difficulty finding this part number online. I currently have these two pictures but can post more if helpful. @midlife I’m hopefully that your knowledge goes beyond our cars😁 My father worked at the local Ford dealership in the late 60’s and I have a bunch of NOS that I’m trying to...
  18. Grandmas73

    EGR Delete and spacer

    I know I’m kicking an old thread here, but I wanted to confirm something. Is it possible to find my calibration spec on my valve cover for my 73 302 as well? That’s the info I’ve been searching for. Thanks. Edit, just found a picture, Is mine “11A”?
  19. Grandmas73

    Triple gauge retrofit / aftermarket gauges?

    I'll have to look into those HiPo leds, I didn't know about them when I got mine.
  20. Grandmas73

    Triple gauge retrofit / aftermarket gauges?

    The only trick with the dash bulbs I used is that they are polarity sensitive and un-marked. I was able to ID them at work on a power supply. Otherwise they fit well.