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  1. turtle5353

    Owned for 37 years and getting ready to pass it down.

    Great looking car! Lucky mofo!
  2. turtle5353

    Grande GT?

  3. turtle5353

    351 4v ( 408 and TKX )

    NICE!!! Looking good man!
  4. turtle5353

    NOS urethane Mach1 front bumper

    Definitely worth that!!
  5. turtle5353

    Reproduction sheet metal

    All made overseas. I have had best luck with Dynacorn. As with any aftermarket sheet metal, it all needs some work to fit properly.
  6. turtle5353

    Repro Outside Door Handles

    I always preferred Dynacorn. But that’s just my opinion.
  7. turtle5353

    Windage tray

    I don’t recall needing to clearance anything but can’t say for certain. Not sure what that mark was.
  8. turtle5353

    Windage tray

    Not sure it’s been 8 years or more ago when I built it.
  9. turtle5353

    Windage tray

    I am running a Milodon windage tray in my 408C.
  10. turtle5353

    Vehicles For Sale Project 1972 Fastback and Parts Car $8,000

    Can we get some pics and more details or a phone number of the person selling??
  11. turtle5353

    351 Cleveland Build

    Speedmaster are sketchy inless you build them with quality parts. The castings may be ok but the rest of the head is junk. I would even be worried about guides and seats coming apart. Old saying, you get what you pay for. I used AFD aluminum heads in 408 build. I love them. Expensive but flow...
  12. turtle5353

    Bringing back old paint

    All I use is 3m finesse it line. Great stuff. Rubbing compound, machine glaze, then hand glaze. Will shine up nice.
  13. turtle5353

    351 Cleveland Build

    Ditch those stock 2 piece valves for sure!! I had one come apart in my motor and destroyed it!
  14. turtle5353

    72 Mustang for Sale

    Would love some more info. Titles? Motors? Pics?
  15. turtle5353


    Also check vacuum line to modulator and modulator itself.
  16. turtle5353


    Hopefully they didn’t jam up the converter when installing motor. If they didn’t seat the converter completely and pulled trans up tight to the block with the bolts, they may have smoked the pump.
  17. turtle5353

    Are front torque boxes available?

    I built that table out of some scrap beams I had laying around. And made some adjustable legs and lift points.
  18. turtle5353

    Are front torque boxes available?

    Just cut whole front clip off and buy the repop stuff and weld it back together. Fab what they don’t make. That’s what I did with the 65.