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  1. c9zx

    Forgive me for a have sinned

    Enjoy! what is that color called? It looks to be "damned sure yellow" to me.;) Chuck
  2. c9zx

    Overheating issue

    +1 on using a shroud properly (Sheriff1). Use an IR thermometer pointed at and relatively close to the thermostat housing for a more accurate temp reading...
  3. c9zx

    Reverse Trike 68 Camero

    That is a fine example of "dumbassery" in action. Chuck
  4. c9zx

    Identification of ground wire

    One who plays a horn, Chuck
  5. c9zx

    I've strayed, again.

    It is a good color combination and the 500s look great on the car, congrats! Chuck
  6. c9zx

    Hi 7173 Community New Aussie Member

    Welcome from Oklahoma. We are glad you joined us. We all like pictures. Chuck
  7. c9zx

    351c Build Ideas And Advice

    Ask Brent for a price on the (assembled by him) TFS heads. From what you have said they would more than meet your needs. Or, find some 4V OC heads, they are relatively cheap but, would need complete rebuilding.. Chuck
  8. c9zx

    Product Review - Progression Ignition

    thanks for posting the results. Chuck
  9. c9zx

    Hello, I'm new to this forum and fixing mustangs.

    Welcome from Oklahoma. Chuck
  10. c9zx

    1971 Mach 1 at NHRA Chicago

    It looks stock to me. It seems they ordered the ultra rare Funny Car option. Chuck
  11. c9zx

    ’71 Mach 1 Resto Project

    Looks great! Chuck
  12. c9zx

    Long Live the V8 Mustang!

    I'd be all for a two door, V8 Mustang wagon. I'd even support the sedan if it keeps powerful V8s in production. Chuck
  13. c9zx

    351c Build Ideas And Advice

    Before you buy anything, find a VERY competent race engine machine shop that also has experience building 351Cs. Use the wrong machinist and parts selection won't matter much. The parts you select need to be "matched" to the rest of the drivetrain, as well as how the car will be used. A big cam...
  14. c9zx

    Yella Terra rocker arm failure

    Unbelievable! That has to be embarrassing for them. Chuck
  15. c9zx

    Parts Wanted WTB C-6 kick down lever, 1972 Mustang

    Mike, I was looking for the lever that bolts to the end of the selector shaft. I appreciate the response. I ordered one from the same guy who made a custom kick down rod to accommodate the taller intake and carb spacer. Chuck
  16. c9zx

    FoMoCo Nationals in Germany, June 1, 2024

    It sounds like it will be enjoyable. I wish I could be there. Chuck
  17. c9zx

    Parts Wanted WTB C-6 kick down lever, 1972 Mustang

    Yeah I guess it is time for Epay or NPD to get an order. Chuck
  18. c9zx

    Parts Wanted WTB C-6 kick down lever, 1972 Mustang

    I went to install my new custom kick down rod only to discover that the lever was not there. I searched my garage for 2 hours trying to find it, no joy. So if someone has an extra they would sell, please let me know. I know NPD has them new however, reproduction parts have bitten me more than...
  19. c9zx

    What is this thing?

    What rvrtrash said. From what I've seen, none of them performed the intended function. They are available. Chuck
  20. c9zx

    Fuel Vent - What to do?

    If the large rubber/plastic fill tube seal is installed backwards it will leak fuel. Chuck